The Nosh Show Episode 10: What Product Do You Want Back?

Welcome to The Nosh Show, episode 10.  After talking about such topics such as tofu at Chipotle and White Castle Grilled Chicken Sliders, we get nostalgic when we all come up with products we’d like to see make a return.  Marvo wants Cookies-n-Creme Twix back in his life… Dubba misses his BK ICEE Float….  Eric wants Doritos Wild White Nacho.  As for me, I want the original Domino’s Buffalo Chicken Kickers to come back and preferably make an appearance as a pizza topping.  There’s a bunch more we’d like to see make an appearance on menu boards and store shelves again.  Tune in to The Nosh Show to see if your old favorite makes the list.  What discontinued product would you like to see brought back?

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60 comments on “The Nosh Show Episode 10: What Product Do You Want Back?

  1. Katie D. says:

    O’Boises Potato Chips. I remember them when I was a kid. Loved those things.

  2. CB says:

    The chili cheese burrito. I know its at some taco bells but not any in Michigan that I’m aware of.

  3. James R. says:

    The Chicken Kickers from Dominos Pizza. The new boneless chicken they have is good, but it doesn’t compare to the Chicken Kickers.

    • Jeff in Middletucky says:

      The chili cheese burrito was naught but a sad bastardization of the original Chilito – available in red or (the slightly superior) green chili versions, no less – sold by the now (largely) defunct Zantigo (see below).

  4. Kenneth says:

    Pepsi Blue: Closest thing I have is Monster Ultra Blue
    Ben & Jerry’s Brownie Chew Gooder: Even though they only just now retired it to the Graveyard, still messed up
    Popsicle Sprinklers: Favorite ice cream treat as a kid.

  5. Track says:

    Wasabi Funyuns, and the Reese’s Pieces that had whole peanuts inside.

  6. Courtney says:

    Doritos flour tortilla chips or original Sunny D w/o the artificial sweeteners.

  7. Jay Melo` says:

    Hostess coconut pies. Cape Cod Kettle chips in Firecracker BBQ. Anything Dolly Madison.

  8. Dana says:

    The Philadelphia Strawberry Cheesecake Snack Bars. A little crater in my soul came about when I realized they were no more :'(

  9. CulinaryZerg says:

    Snacks from my childhood: Corn Quistos, Keebler Krunch Twists, Nacho Cheese Doritos before the early 90s “Nacho Cheesier” formula change.


  10. CulinaryZerg says:

    Snacks I miss from my childhood: Corn Quistos, Keebler Krunch Twists, Nacho Cheese Doritos (before the “Nacho Cheesier” formula change in the early 90s).


  11. Marianne says:

    I miss Carnation Breakfast Bars … I loved those things!

  12. MP says:

    Cheetos Paws,ZigZags & XsOs. They were like Puffs but more dense & sometimes there was solid orange cheese powder nuggets in the bottom of the bag. Cheezit Twisterz. Wendy’s Bacon Mushroom Melt (with the old canned mushrooms) & Wendy’s old fries. McDonald’s Cheddar Melt which was a rye bun, sauteed onions, the saltiest cheddar cheese sauce I ever had & a quarter pound patty, which was around in the early to mid-1990s. McDonald’s old Chicken McNuggets.
    Merkt’s nacho cheese dip: it came in a glass jar, black lid & label, had red & green peppers in it, had a really nice tangy sharp cheddar flavor & was like $4. It was my favorite snack with tortilla chips or pretzels from 1990-96 when it inexplicably disappeared forever.
    Orville Redenbacher microwave cheese popcorn: it came with a silver pouch of orange cheese dust you sprinkled instead of that oily cheese kind. Favorite snack from 1987-89; last ate it in 1994 while watching a white Bronco in a police chase on a Los Angeles freeway on live TV.

    • Ali says:

      Yes! I wanted to comment specifically on Paws/Xs&Os/Checkers. Those were perfect. Crunchier than the Puffs but softer than the normal Cheetos. Miss them.

      Also miss Snapple Clear Root Beer, I don’t know if I’ve met anyone else that remembers it.

      Remember when Blockbuster gave you a tub of popcorn to take home when you rented a movie?

  13. Eagles409 says:

    Definitely the Taco Bell chili cheese burrito. Also, O’Grady Au Gratin potato chips need to make a comeback as well.

  14. Erin says:

    Nestle Wonderballs!

  15. Stew says:

    Keebler Magic Middles

  16. JazzyB says:

    Pepperidge Farm Cappuccino cookies. I don’t know why they stopped making them. So very, very good.
    Post Oak Flakes. This was my favorite cereal, even as a child.

  17. Jeff in Middletucky says:

    Not a product, but two whole, entire fast food chains I’d devote at least one gonad to have back in my area (yeah, I know a scant handful of both of these still exist in a couple locations in a couple states; I want ’em back HERE): Zantigo (, which blew (and whose memory still does blow even to this day) Taco Bell out of the water; and G.D. Ritzy’s (, who served awesomely-crusted smashed burgers, natural casing hot dogs, sublime, meaty, spicy chili, and a variety of pretty damned good quality ice cream flavors (especially my two favorites, chunky dory fudge and white chocolate chunk).

    Also, speaking of the Bell, a permanent menu spot for either the Beefy Crunch Burrito or the Beefy Nacho Burrito (or, indeed, BOTH) would be keen.

  18. Charlotte says:

    Chicken Littles, Keebler Magic Middles, Choc-ola. Planter’s Cheese Balls. *le sigh*. They also used to make “grown-up” Lunchables that had two meats, two cheeses and two cracker varieties plus it came with Dijon mustard, a napkin (the “adult’ part I guess) and an Andes mint. I miss those!

  19. Tay says:

    3-D DORITOS! McDonald’s pizza, Sprite Remix.

  20. Alex K. says:

    You guys ought to have a “point of interest” tab so we can fast forward to specific parts of the show… like “x minutes, x seconds: White Castle”

  21. Brian says:

    Derby tamales in the glass jar. Better than any remaining canned tamales. Freakies cereal, plastic toys included.

  22. Eric says:

    Hostess Choco-Bliss!
    O’Grady’s Au Gratin Potato Chips!
    Cheetos Paws!

    I’d even be happy with a limited edition time period.

  23. nWo 4 Life says:

    Fritos Burrito

  24. Raiders757 says:

    Wendy’s Chicken Caesar Pita
    McDonald’s fries made with beef tallow
    Pizza Hut’s Priazzo and dough that isn’t trucked in frozen.
    Taco Bell Grande Tacos
    Dr.Pepper Chewing Gum
    Hershey’s Bar None
    PB Max candy bars
    Planters Cheese Balls
    French Toast Crunch
    Gatorade Gum
    McDonald’s Shanghai Mcnuggets
    Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Original Recipe before Yum Brands ruined it Hardee’s Fried Chicken.
    Long John Silvers Peg Leg and pirate hat for kids.

    Not an item, but…

    Two Pesos. The entire franchise was ahead of it’s time and kicked Taco Bell right in the nads.

  25. Justin says:

    Hostess Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pudding Pies and Surge. Then I would be a happy fat kid 🙂

  26. Jahab says:

    McSkillet breakfast burrito.
    Jack-in-the-Box monster taco.
    Original Jumpin’ Jack Doritos.
    Ecto Cooler.
    Nestlé Alpine White.
    Nestlé toll house fudge candy bar.
    Dr. Slice.
    dnL soda.

  27. Jahab says:

    And for those from SoCal, Naugles.

  28. JF says:

    Wow! I am surprised by how many items people recall from the past. I really can’t think of anything I miss, but the one thing that comes to mind is the Taco Bell’s spicy chicken. Sure it wasn’t all that spicy, but after a day of snowboarding, my go to items on the way home was a Spicy Chicken Burrito and a Spicy Chicken Crunchwrap Supreme. Those I do miss.

  29. Forte says:

    Chili Cheese Burrito
    Ecto Cooler
    Cheez Balls
    Tato Skins
    Pizzaria Chips

  30. Alex K. says:

    I’ll play.

    I really want the Beefy Crunch Burrito back from Taco Bell … also the Spicy Chicken Burrito that they got rid of at least 6 years ago now. I also miss the Firecracker chicken sandwich from Burger King, and that burger that Wendy’s had with jalapenos and cheese sauce stuff.

  31. Jeff in Middletucky says:

    I’d like to add another: The Taco Light from Taco Bell.

    Also (and I can’t believe I just thought of this now): Taco Bell’s BLT Soft Taco (a.k.a. the greatest taco that Taco Bell has ever featured on its menu, and that includes the Doritos Locos Tacos).

  32. LS says:

    Taco Bell Club Chalupa. I’m almost thankful they HAVEN’T brought them back because they’re so full of fat and I know I’d eat a million of them.

  33. Mike N. says:

    Howard Johnson’s Blueberry Toasties

  34. Kat B. says:

    Wendy’s Stuffed Pitas
    Crystal Pepsi
    KFC’s Chicken Littles
    The original Pudding Pops
    Bonkers candy
    Certs mints
    Coke made without HFC ( well all soda w/out HFC )
    Wendy’s original french fries
    Crispy M & M’s

    Wow…amazing how many I came up with and I could keep going…

  35. Brian says:

    Burger King Rodeo Cheeseburger

    Cheez Balls

  36. AM says:

    Ben and Jerry’s concession obsession
    Cookies and Creme Twix
    Ok soda

  37. Jrdunn says:

    Fajitas from mcdonals were an awesome snack
    Also mcdonalds Chicken flatbreads that were around maybe 2000-2002!

  38. KJ says:

    Wendy’s pitas. I miss those so much. I remember the day a letter was included in my Wendy’s bag that explained the pitas were being discontinued in lieu of a line of salads. I was so sad.

  39. CulinaryZerg says:

    For folks who are looking for Keebler Tato Skins…they are still everywhere! FYI – they were never made by Keebler, but by Walbash Foods (now owned by Poore Brothers).

    Most the main flavors (bacon cheddar, sour cream & onion, plus many new ones) are now sold nationwide in gas stations and major grocers by Poore Brothers under the TGI Friday brand.

    Pizzarias? Same company; they’ve been rebranded and are now known as TGI Friday’s Cheese Pizzas Chips and Quesadilla Chips.

    O’Boises? Poore Brothers also owns this product. They bring them back every once in a while under a different brand/label; however they don’t usually last too long and are currently in hiatus.

  40. Ray says:

    I’m surprised no one’s mentioned the McDLT yet. Always seems to be popular around here.

    I would love to see the Steak Lover’s Pizza return to Pizza Hut. That thing was awesome!

    Speaking of Pizza Hut, I also miss the Sicilian, BBQ topping and, yes, even the Bigfoot.

  41. Julie T says:

    -Keebler Magic Middles
    -Golden Grahams “S’mores” Cereal
    -Count Chocula Cereal
    -Pop Secret’s Pop Qwiz Popcorn
    -Oatmeal Swirlers Instant Oatmeal
    -McDonalds Salad McShakers
    -Ben and Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie Chunk Ice Cream (nearly extinct)
    -Chicken Tonight Cooking Sauces (especially Country French)
    -French Toast Crunch Cereal
    -Rice Krispies Treats Cereal
    -Dolly Madison Banana Flips
    -Keebler Pizzarias Chips
    -Dr. Pepper Gum

  42. Justin H says:

    I miss Sprite Remix and Cheetos Asteroids and Tombstone Stuffed crust pizzas. A really recent one is the original Betty Crocker macaroni and cheese, they recently started rolling out a new formula. I really wish they still sold MTN Dew Livewire in my area still (though I know its still produced in other parts of the country).

    • TJ says:

      Tombstone had a stuffed crust pizza?! That sounds pretty good, never heard of it. I only got into making full-sized frozen pizzas a couple years ago though.

  43. Ali says:

    BubbleYum Peppermint gum.

  44. Mike says:

    Butter Finger BB’S one of my favorite candy’s and nowhere to be found

  45. IowaGal82 says:

    How I miss thee…

    Keebler Magic Middles
    Post Oreo O’s Cereal
    Golden Grahams “S’mores” Cereal
    Planters Cheez Balls
    Original Pudding Pops
    Nabisco “Giggles” Cookies
    Cheetos Paws
    Hi-C Ecto Cooler
    Shark Bites Fruit Snacks
    Sunkist Fruit Snacks (shaped like little ovals)
    Planters PB Crisps
    Viennetta Ice Cream Dessert

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