The Monopoly Game at McDonald’s Returns Tuesday, July 16th

Starting July 16th the Monopoly game at McDonald’s is back for its annual run.  Some of the “Instant Win” prizes include a $5 McDonald’s Arch Card, a $10 Shell gift card, a $25 Shell gift card, a Redbox rental… and some big prizes like $5,000, a trip to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, $20,000 and $100,000.  Check out a full list of prizes with odds plus all the rules hereWhat’s the biggest prize you’ve won playing the McDonald’s game?

McDonald's Monopoly

20 comments on “The Monopoly Game at McDonald’s Returns Tuesday, July 16th

  1. CC says:

    Addiction is a terrible thing.

  2. IowaGal82 says:

    I’ve not won anything “big” yet. I think the only two items I can think of are the ice cream cone and a medium fry. I’ve never even won a redbox movie yet!! That surprises me since when I go I usually get a Big Mac meal with large fries so I do get more than a couple chances to win.

  3. Andre says:

    I won a $50 instant win prize. What did it take to achieve this? One year I sent in 200 self-addressed stamped envelopes to the prize headquarters… won a boatload of food prizes, about $250 in Best Buy bucks and that was it. Same thing next year. On year three, I decided to up the ante and sent in 300 envelopes. Lo and behold, I finally won a prize. I was surprised and elated after 20 years of playing this game, I finally won something, albeit probably the smallest cash prize available.

    • B.K. says:

      @Andre (comment 3):

      Unless you live in Vermont (and can omit return postage), if you sent in 300 SASEs, that means you must have used at least 600 stamps (600 x $0.46 = $276). $276 in postage, the cost of the envelopes, and who knows how many hours spent to hand-address 600 envelopes (both outer and inner), resulting in the winning of a $50 cash prize and a likely “boatload” of food prizes. Not trying to be sarcastic…but do you think it was it worth it end? Obviously you were aiming for a higher level prize, but having spent all that time and money and gotten what you got, do you think it was worth it? Will you do that many again?

    • MP says:

      How much did all the stamps & envelopes cost? Hand-written or printed out on the computer?

      • B.K. says:

        It has to be handwritten, because according to the official rules (of this and any other contest), they won’t accept your request if any part of the envelope is something other than handwritten. No labels, nothing printed, or else they won’t honor it.

    • Bj says:

      So, you spent how much on stamps to win $50 and some free McDonald’s food?

    • Andre says:

      I took the cost factor into consideration. The years I did it were the years they were doing the Best Buy bucks tie-in. Envelopes were cheap, stamps were around 37-39¢ back then, and each entry returned at least $1 in Best Buy bucks – sometimes $5. Aside from the time involved (it took many, many hours to address all those) I figured I was profiting at least 25¢ in Best Buy credit per entry. By the third year, I found myself at BB saying “I don’t know what to buy. I already have everything.” lol First world problems. I ended up browsing their small appliances area and buying a rice cooker that I’ve gotten a ton of use out of btw.

      The free food was just a bonus. There were probably 150 or more winning stamps. Obviously, it was more than I could (or cared to) eat, so I gave away free combo meals and Big Macs to my friends. On the last couple days before the coupons expired, I went to a local McD’s and stood at the drive-thru board, passing out food prizes to every car that pulled up. Most people were very grateful. After about 30 free Egg McMuffins in a row, the manager came out and asked me to leave. So I went down the road to another location and passed out the rest. Pay it forward.

      • Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

        I’m picturing a very confused drive-thru attendant. “How did EVERYONE get a free McMuffin coupon?!?”

  4. Steven says:

    Huh? It isn’t October yet!!!!

  5. maxchain says:

    A Big Mac. That is the biggest prize I’ve won. I don’t even like the Big Mac.

  6. Chris says:

    $50 instant win. I miss the Best Buy Bucks. That first or second year it was really easy to game. I remember sending in a ton of SASEs.

  7. Josh says:

    They decided to move it up this year, will be interesting to see how it goes over in the summer

  8. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Is this thing even worth playing? Has anyone even ever won anything of significance?
    In the million years this has been going on I don’t think I have won anything worthwhile and can’t think of a single other person who has.

    • Ham says:

      Casinos would just adore you. But, to be honest, the answer would simply be: “no, gambling is normally not at all worth playing the odds, which are never in your favor.”

      • Jonathan Wayne says:

        What an idiotic reply to my comment. I would ask you to explain the garbage you just wrote but I don’t even think you understood what you wrote. Were you drunk when you wrote that crap?

  9. McAllister says:

    I’ve played regularly over the last couple of years and biggest prize I won was a quarter pounder. Most of my prizes were fries or my coke rewards points. Still, I look forward to the Monopoly game each year so I’m sure I’ll be going it again.

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