Subway Garlic Bread Option Coming in September

Beginning September 1st, Subway will be offering a new bread option for your sub… Garlic Bread.  I can’t help but be a little intrigued by this move considering that some of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had came on bread reminiscent of garlic bread.  What’s your interest level on the new bread option at Subway?  What kind of sub would benefit most from this new bread?

Garlic Bread Subway

16 comments on “Subway Garlic Bread Option Coming in September

  1. BigBelly says:

    I’d do a southwest steak and cheese on it.
    They should add straight hummas, or some sort of hummas sauce to their menu… it would seem to fit the “healthy” marketing they strive for, and would probably be pretty tasty with garlic bread 🙂

  2. Kenneth says:

    It’s a step in the right direction. I’d do it with the Philly Cheese Steak.

  3. Jess says:

    This sounds really good. I remember when they used to have a garlic-butter they would put on bread before toasting it. I’m hoping this has a similar flavor, even though I’m sure it’s not the healthiest thing.

  4. Riley Martin says:

    Great idea, Subway! I’d use it with an italian bmt. I’m surprised the picture features that gross egg patty they serve.

  5. Riley Martin says:

    Oh wait. That’s the bottom of the bread. My bad.

  6. Jonathan Wayne says:

    If it wasn’t Subway I might be excited, but their breads are hit or miss. I pretty much only eat their honey oat whenever I rarely go there. I don’t know why places just don’t focus on getting one bread right. Jimmy John’s has one bread and it is superior to anything anyone that has 10 breads has.

  7. Nick says:

    This is Subway we’re talking about… Is this going to be anything other than their regular white bread with some garlic powder sprinkled on top?

  8. Bobrovsky says:

    I think this would be pretty good with the meatball sub.

  9. That guy says:

    Whoopty Freaking Doo!

  10. Mike N. says:

    Seems like a natural for the Pizza Sub!

  11. Anne Sutton says:

    We know subway has grilled chicken breast, provolone and sauce for the meatballs. How about a chicken parm sub on the new garlic bread? Any sub that has spinach on it too could use a garlicky kick from the bread.

  12. Dustin says:

    Just got an email from Subway today which said “Starting SUB-tember 1st, any Regualr FOOTLONG will be a $5 FOOTLONG all month long. From Sweet Onion Chicken Teriaki, to Italian BMT to Subway Club!”

  13. Icedus says:

    Eh, call me in “Anytober” and we’ll talk.

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