Subway Five Dollar Footlong for January 2013: Chipotle Chicken and Cheese

The featured Five Dollar Footlong at Subway this month is the Chipotle Chicken and Cheese.  Here’s a review from last January when it was featured.

Start the New Year with a bang! Tender, juicy chicken and meltalicious cheese with a pop of Chipotle Southwest Sauce for a creamy, smoky, subtly spicy taste sensation. It’s like fireworks for your taste buds! This January only, it joins your many $5 FOOTLONG™ faves.

Subway Chipotle Chicken Cheese

9 comments on “Subway Five Dollar Footlong for January 2013: Chipotle Chicken and Cheese

  1. John says:

    How about something NEW…. for the NEW year…. Something NEW instead of the same old crap Subway sells.. Instead this do this and bring back the 9.00$ Pastrami rip off…. They took the Tuna and roasted chicken off their 5 dollar footlong menu and a lot of locations are charging 6 bucks for the remaining 5 dollar footlongs…. Blame the economy? Subway sucks and these are enough reasons why they do… Especially since New England has DeAngelos…. which is 9-10 bucks for a large fresh cooked steak and cheese combo on much better bread… screw subway

  2. Steven says:

    Hey, I created this sub! Next month’s sub will be the Ham and Turkey with pickle and mayo at the rate they’re going with these subs of the month. Joking aside I actually like this sub so I may hit up Subway a couple of times this month.

  3. Alex K. says:

    It’s $4.50 here in Michigan for a six inch sub now. After finding that out, I’ll pass on going to Subway. I’ll go to the local chain Tubby’s or Buscemi’s instead.

  4. rondoman says:

    Subway used to be a go to place of mine but the past few years they have gone WAY downhill. All their subs taste the same, which is tasteless. It’s nothing but texture without any kind of flavor. Add to the fact they are the so skimpy with their meat, the rising costs of the footlongs, and the overall tastelessness, and I am a former Subway customer and I know a lot of people that feel the same. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the 1 napkin per 6 inches of sub BS.

    I would rather go to a local Sub shop and pay a couple extra dollars for something that tastes great.

  5. Tyler M. says:

    Here in TN, they are advertising a Turkey and Bacon Melt with a BBQ sauce infused mayo.

  6. Scrape says:

    I haven’t been to a Subway in a very long time (I am blessed with a Wawa and a Potbelly withing walking distance), and only hit one up while visiting relatives who wanted to go to their local since it was close. I was SHOCKED at the prices they are charging now. There are two subs that start at $5.50, and they old standbys are in the $6-$7 range for a footlong. One of my old favorites when I used to work by one was the Chicken Bacon Ranch, which is now just shy of $8. There was a sub that was $9!Its not like you are getting much for your money, as you still only 6 thin slices of turkey or whatever meat you want. The bread ha gone downhill from what it used to be back in the day when they used to actually mix it in the store, not snap off frozen logs of premixed dough. And the produce is all bagged in from who knows where, while back in the day, the produce used to be prepped in store. For that kind of money, you can go get a REAL sub at the Deli, and actually save money for a better sub at the Wawa or Potbelly, and they don’t charge you to heat it. I’m not seeing good things for Subway. They grew too fast and became too generic and easy to run, so they are everywhere. They cannibalize their own franchisees by allowing other stores to open near each other with different owners, and the quality just isn’t there anymore.

  7. alexg says:

    Subways have always been the same. Mass produced cheap ingredients. I’ll pay extra for any number of competitors sandwiches. You can taste quality meat, bread, and cheese.

  8. richard says:

    I have always lived on min. income, now at 66 I enjoy a 7 day cruise, (bringing along any child who finishes Hi. school in the family,) At least once a year, I can understand the price change, but when Mc. went to 3+ for a fast buger, some time back, I just stopped filling somebody’s pocket. now I no longer have a taste for subway.

  9. Bridget says:

    The Subway at 45 Beekman Street, NYC Downtown near where i was staying HOOKED IT UP!!!!! I always made it near closing time but the food was quick and hot.

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