Stuffed Waffle Cones from Checkers

This is how you do fast food.  Checkers doesn’t bother to put salads on the menu because they are quintessential fast food.  Burgers, hot dogs, fries etc.  No grilled chicken wraps or “premium” salads.  Checkers does cheap, bad-for-you food and hopefully they won’t be sucked in to trying to be something that they’re not like most of the others.  Here’s a new menu item that goes a little beyond the norm… Stuffed Waffle Cones.Stuffed Waffle Cones CheckersIn the latest episode of The Nosh Show, Dubba from On Second Scoop scoffed at the new Frosty Waffle Cone from Wendy’s when he said, “I would like to see more creativity from them than that.”  Here’s Checkers being the creative one.

Once you taste our new Stuffed Waffle Cones, dessert will never be the same again. We took our classic Vanilla Cone to the next level, packing it with decadent cheesecake filling and strawberry topping. And we put a new twist on our Twist Cone by piling on crushed cookies and rich creme. No matter which one you choose, you win.

7 comments on “Stuffed Waffle Cones from Checkers

  1. Darrell Martinsen says:

    Love this idea! Just hope our local Rallys will carry them. They never carried those desserts advertised last summer.

  2. T.J. says:

    I was at Dairy Queen today and they were offering yet another waffle cone speciality. DQ Blizzard Waffle Cones. Not a Blizzard with broken up pieces of waffle cone mixed in it, mind you. But any Blizzard variety you like, served in a waffle cone. I’m liking this new fast food trend.

  3. Stephen K says:

    I saw it on the menu, I wanted to try it, and I didn’t. Instead I ordered off the 2 for $4 disgusto menu. That was not thrilling, but then, I didn’t order any fries. Just a double cheeseburger on sourdough (?) and a chicken sandwich. Ah, I guess they both looked like they would have mayo, so I said ‘no mayo’, and they both came with mayo. Show me a positive review of the waffle cone, and THEN I’ll try it. At the moment, I’m unimpressed by Checkers.

  4. Jess says:

    Just what the hell is “rich creme?”

  5. Nick Rovo says:

    …Why must there be no Checkers in my area?

  6. Sam says:

    You loooove Checkers.

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