Spotted: The New Quarter Pounder BLT from McDonald’s

I spotted a new Quarter Pounder option at McDonald’s… the Quarter Pounder BLT. The Quarter Pounder BLT joins the QPC family introduced in May. Here’s a really bad picture of the menu board.

Quarter Pounder BLT

16 comments on “Spotted: The New Quarter Pounder BLT from McDonald’s

  1. Peter says:

    I just ate one for lunch. It was okay, but rather bland. I would not purchase again because their other offerings are much better.

    • Jay says:

      It’s all bland. McDonalds has become the place to get a pre-cooked, dried out burger that tastes exactly like their pre-cooked dried out fish/chicken/etc.

      I have no idea why people think their sandwiches are any good. Any of them. Back in the day their food was cooked and either served right away or held for a short period of time in the “bin” but you could also get a fresh cooked burger at Mcdonalds any time just by making a special order (like hold the whatever or extra whatever). You opened the box and a little steam would come out and you bite into the burger and the reasonably thick 1/4 patty was smoking and a little greasy like a burger should be. Today even the special orders use pre-cooked meat.

      I can only eat there for breakfast (and not often). I’m not a FF hater but I have come to hate McDonalds sandwiches. They don’t resemble in any way the sandwiches of the past and I think that’s a big shame.

      Oh, and while I am on the subject, their fries suck and so do the all white meat chicken mcnuggets. Damn I miss the old fries and the old chicken mcnuggets.

      I can get a fresh cooked burger at Hardees, Wendys, and 5 Guys (just to name a few) and fresh cooked food in general at Popeyes. I don’t fully understand why McDonalds changed but none of the changes are for the better in my book.

      I should probably get a cup of coffee before I post next time. 😉

      • Matthew says:

        Finally! Someone else who agrees with me! Especially about the fries. No one believes me when I tell them they’ve gotten worse, that they’ve changed. No one else seems to notice, but I can’t stop noticing. The fries were the only thing that kept me going to McD’s, but now the whole menu has gone to pot.

      • TJ says:

        Nice post, I appreciate the detail you went to, and I’ll say I agree with much of it, maybe 80-90%. That being said, I feel like there are some major points where I disagree.. so here goes..

        1st – You even admit you go there for breakfast occasionally.. and there’s nothing wrong with that. I actually think their breakfast is quite overrated, but it’s pretty serviceable at least. You can get close almost everywhere else so I don’t get the hype, but it’s consistent and pretty tasty.

        2nd – The McNuggets.. really you hate those that much?! I rarely get them because they charge way too much for a 6 piece and a 10 piece where I live, but I wouldn’t turn one down from a friend for free.. I think it’s a pretty average chicken nugget, I don’t think the other major chains do any better.

        3rd – The fries are still okay to me, nothing amazing or special but not disgusting or anything. They’re about as good as average movie theater popcorn, it’s a decent cheap salty snack.

        Finally, I gotta admit almost all of the sandwiches are pretty bland. Sometimes I want that, like if I’m getting over the stomach flu or something.. but yea usually you can do way better almost anywhere. I still like a McChicken once in a while, it’s got a decent pepper note to it. McDouble’s are terrible in my opinion though, I don’t care that you’re getting two little beef patties for a dollar, it’s not worth having almost no condiments.

      • Jason says:

        You are obviously a jealous Burger King idiot, you always bash McD and all the BS you say is so far off base it’s not even funny. What a moron

  2. grant says:

    how is this any different than a bacon and cheese Quarter pounder? seems that there’s just lettuce and tomato added to it. unless there’s some sort of sauce on it

  3. Aric says:

    I had one of these in Toronto about a month ago. Wasn’t too bad, but I preferred the Habanero Ranch QP.

  4. Alex K. says:

    So… it’s a hamburger with bacon on it. Strikingly original, McDonald’s.

  5. DW says:

    We’ve had these in LA for a few weeks. They forgot to add the ‘M’ in the acronym…as in the Quarter Pounder BLMT because at McD’s, Mayo isn’t treated as a condiment, it’s considered a protein! They put on so damn much of it!!

    • Kaylee says:

      Yes, the amount of mayo is insane!! It might have been okay if there was a quarter of the mayo but with that much it made me want to retch.

  6. JF says:

    I reluctantly tried their bacon and cheese QP a few weeks ago and thought it was pretty bad. The bacon tasted pretty good, better than their previous attempts, but the burger itself was pretty tasteless and the rest of the ingredients could not have been there as they really added nothing to the burger.

    I am not a fan of tomato (at least on burgers) so wouldn’t expect anything of this, especially since it’s the same burger.

    While I was not a fan of their Angus burgers, they did taste much better. But if I do go to McDonald’s, it would be for the nostalgic taste of the Big Mac. The rest of their menu doesn’t really appeal to me.

    About the only other I do still like is their Premium (crispy) Chicken Club Sandwich. The last item they had that I like was their Spicy Premium Chicken sandwiches.

    To each their own, people like McD’s or at least their prices. And I know depending on where you live, etc. there might not be other choices, but I would still go with Carl’s Jr. or Wendy’s for a FF burger fix. Otherwise Five Guy’s is my new favorite (they finally opened a place about 5 minutes from me) if I want a higher quality burger.

    I am surprised they don’t offer this as the hot side hot, cold side cold. Probably showing my age here, but I am sure some people will know what I am referring to.

    • MP says:

      I don’t miss the Big Mac because it was two cheap thin dry patties, mostly bread & lettuce. You’re just missing the sauce of ketchup, mayo & relish with the onions.
      And yes we’re still dancing on the sidewalk with George Costanza 😉

  7. Chris says:

    lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon, mayo. A Mc’D version of a Whopper. It will only be a limited time item, so who cares.

  8. food dude says:

    I don’t get what’s so special about this. I tried it yesterday. The only different thing I noticed (different for McDonald’s, that is) was the mustard on the burger. Tastes like everything else on their menu.

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