Spotted: Fajita Ranch Melt from Jack in the Box

I’ve received some emails about a new Fajita Ranch Melt from Jack in the Box spotted in California.  Here’s a shot of the menu board pic via @BadBoyYuckyG on Twitter.  Priced at $3.99, the Fajita Ranch Melt looks to consist of a sourdough toast sandwich with grilled chicken, fajita veggies, ranch sauce and cheese.  We’ll keep you posted on further details as they become available.

Fajita Ranch Melt Jack Box

6 comments on “Spotted: Fajita Ranch Melt from Jack in the Box

  1. TJ says:

    Their chicken fajita pita is one of my least favorite of their items.. this looks okay, I’ll probably try one of they have a decent coupon, which they usually do on new items.

  2. BigBelly says:

    bet it’s messy as hell
    I find sourdough a odd choice, it would seem to work better as a wrap

  3. BadBoyYuckyG says:

    I tried it yesterday, I thought the ranch sauce wouldn’t work with the sandwich but it worked quite well.
    The chicken is actually cooked with the taco sauce and gives it a nice flavor, but I think the whole thing needs a little more spice too it.
    The whole thing comes together pretty nicely and is a good alternative to the Sourdough Cheesesteak Melt.

  4. BigBelly says:

    saw the add on tv for them last night, guess we are a test market again

  5. Thistle says:

    They’re definitely in Northern CA. I saw a sign while trying to get my usual morning oatmeal. (Somehow they ran out of oatmeal, but instead of telling me when I ordered, they told me when I got to the window after I had been sitting in the drive through line for ten minutes…)

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