Spicy Cajun Wings are Back at Popeyes

For a limited time at Popeyes, Spicy Cajun Wings are back on the menu.  Six wings and a dipping sauce priced at $3.99.

Spicy Cajun Wings Popeyes

2 comments on “Spicy Cajun Wings are Back at Popeyes

  1. Grant says:

    Better deal than the $1 per wing Mighty Wings.

  2. JF says:

    Last time they had this deal, my local Popeyes never had them, which was odd. I also checked their website and don’t see it listed there either. I wonder if this is not a national item and maybe more regional? Would love to try them, might check them out over the weekend and see if they have them.

    I think they have the best FF chicken (well by me the choices are Popeyes and KFC, so no surprise there) so I am sure these won’t disappoint.

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