Ruby Tuesday Pretzel Bun Burgers Coming August 12th

Thanks to GrubGrade reader Nick for the info on this.  Here’s some more evidence that the pretzel bun trend is in full swing.  Starting August 12th, Ruby Tuesday is on board with four new burgers featuring the pretzel bun.  The new Ruby Tuesday Pretzel Burgers will start at $8.99.  Go to for a $3 off coupon.

Pretzel Bun Ruby TuesdayHere’s the selection:

  • Spicy Jalapeno Pretzel Cheeseburger – Looking for a real hottie? This burger is topped with a spicy pepper jack cheese, crispy jalapeños, and finishes with a creamy chipotle mayonnaise. It’s muy caliente.
  • Bacon Cheese Pretzel Burger – Everybody loves a little thick juicy bacon between their toasted Pretzel buns. This burger is topped with succulent applewood smoked bacon, oozing cheddar cheese, and bacon mustard mayonnaise. Mmm, bacon.
  • Portabella Crispy Onion Pretzel Cheeseburger – This tasty threesome of meaty portabella mushrooms, tangy Swiss cheese and crisp onion straws to top it off, gets down for one hot mess of savory and satisfying flavors.
  • Black & Blue Bacon Pretzel Burger – This bad boy is topped with tangy blue cheese and savory applewood smoked bacon, this man of a burger is then blackened and grilled to succulent perfection. Now that makes this baby, tough to beat.

9 comments on “Ruby Tuesday Pretzel Bun Burgers Coming August 12th

  1. Alex K. says:

    Is there any place that’s NOT doing pretzel buns…?

  2. Dana Smith says:

    Interested in coupons….

  3. Jay says:

    Sounds like a porn site.

  4. Mark says:

    @ Alex K.

    I know right? wtf is with all the pretzels everywhere they must be cheaper then a normal bun, and figure since everyone else is doing it lets try and cash in on as well. I thought wendys was nasty so I doubt I try anywhere else.

    • MP says:

      They’re not cheaper than a typical bun; not even close. Look in the grocery store in the bakery section.
      It’s the trendy thing right now.

  5. Santiago C says:

    This is funny because I remember that around 5 years ago, I would go to Ruby Tuesdays with my family and their burgers and chicken sandwiches already came on pretzel buns. I guess that the fact that they’re popular now means they have to return to that and make an advertising campaign around it.

  6. Balls Mahoney says:

    No way, pretzel buns are awesome but they need to have the salt on them to actually make them pretzels.
    I admire their strategy of driving to their website. And it’s a $3 coupon, not too bad.

  7. zxGriffin says:

    Honestly. The first time I ever saw and ate a Pretzel Bun was 5 years ago in a high end restaurant in Millennium Park. It was also the first time I had tried Authentic Kobe Beef( Not Wagyu ). The Kobe was served on a toasted pretzel bun with caramelized onions and grain-honeymustard. Nothing more. It was absolutely delicious. I think the Pretzel bun deserves that type of respect. Either that or a really fresh pretzel bun for any fresh made German sausage or Beef Dog.

  8. Jay says:

    I don’t eat at RT’s because they suck. But I will say that this is the best looking pretzel bun I’ve seen.

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