Prime Rib Melt from Subway

With the Crunchy Chicken Enchilada Melt being tested in certain markets, maybe the rest of us are getting some other regional offering.  I live in Maryland and a commercial came on TV for this new Prime Rib Melt and I haven’t seen it anywhere else.  The only details I have are from a picture I snapped of the screen.  Have you spotted the Prime Rib Melt from Subway? Subway Prime Rib Melt

20 comments on “Prime Rib Melt from Subway

  1. rightclue says:

    meh it’ll probably be a processed patty made from parts of pork rib meat. Kind of like those 99 cent family value boxed frozen meals with have a pork-like patty shaped as if it were ribs.

  2. Ribby says:

    Prime rib = beef, so hopefully not

  3. Mike N. says:

    That’s a great pic for having been snapped off the TV, Ryan!

  4. Kevin R. from KC says:

    “That’s a great pic for having been snapped off the TV, Ryan!”
    hmmm…..suspicious you are.

  5. SmoledMan says:

    Probably made from the same processed McRib “meat”.

  6. Christina says:

    I live in the D.C.area and have tried it after seeing it on t.v.. I had no idea it wasn’t available nation wide. They’re real beef pieces, although I’m not sure if they’re really “prime rib” cuts. The meat quality is definitely better than the Mc Rib’s “rib” meat.

  7. MP says:

    You can tell the advertising agency who made that ad didn’t use a single Subway ingredient in that sandwich.

  8. subclubdub says:

    Boy howdy, this is one horrible sandwich.

    I live in Virginia and saw this advertised. The TV commercial, as evidenced above, makes it appear that the meat is flavorfully glazed with something as well as having some ‘choice’ cuts of actual prime rib.

    I wish I would have taken a photo of this thing before I ended up feeding it to my dog. Seriously.

    What is supposed to pass for prime rib is in actuality chunks of pot roast. Brownish grey, nondescript, devoid of flavor pot roast. It was unappetizing to look at and further more had absolutely no resemblance to actual prime rib in flavor or texture.

    I’m a regular consumer of Subway sandwiches and as a rule I am satisfied with what they serve. But this one? No hits, no runs, all errors.

  9. Ak says:

    It all depends on which subway you go to. Many subways are owned by people who dont care about the quality of food thet serve and just go for the cheapest quality.
    I have been going to a really nice subway in alexandria Va which has amazing quality. The line is out the door during lunch hours but the service and quality is non-compairable.

  10. Tanyad0220 says:

    I live in maryland too. I didn’t see the commercial for the prime rib melt but I went to a Subway in DC and they had it there. It’s actually pretty good.

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