Popeyes Pay Day Deal: 8 pcs Mixed for $5.99

I almost hesitate to post this because it’s regional, but today is Popeyes Pay Day in the DC metro area.  Get 8 mixed pieces of Popeyes chicken for $5.99.  The regular price at my local Popeyes is $12.99.  This special isn’t advertised on the Popeyes website or Facebook page, so seek out with the risk of disappointment.Popeyes Pay DayLeave a comment if your local Popeyes has the $5.99 deal today.  Some locations actually did this promo last week and I saw one 8 piece deal for $4.99.Popeyes 8 piece deal

3 comments on “Popeyes Pay Day Deal: 8 pcs Mixed for $5.99

  1. Brad says:

    A little bit of advanced notice would’ve been appreciated on this one.

  2. Sleep says:

    I got this deal in Germantown after work today. A large side and 3 biscuits cost an additional $5.99, which seemed high but I got it anyway. C’mon guys, at least make it 4 biscuits!

  3. […] chicken for just $5.99.  That’s better than 50% off where I live so I will take advantage (like I did last year).  Who’s […]

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