Pizza Hut and the Super Bowl: New Pizza Sliders?

Pizza Hut looks to be unveiling a new pizza product tomorrow during the Super Bowl.  From Facebook comments and Pizza Hut posts it looks to be a new style of mini pizzas or “Pizza Sliders”. Pizza Hut Sliders

Here are some comments that I pulled from the Pizza Hut Facebook page.

“Sliders coming soon there smaller then personal pan…”

“They r delish and cheap! Very filling! Add breadstix and a 2 ltr and ur meal is complete”

“its just a smaller version of the personal pan pizza, 3 for $5, I think… I was half asleep at the early morning training meeting”

“Yes, smaller than the personal, but I think the crust is better.”

“Sliders and they suck”

“Sliders….believe in me i work for pizza hut……lol”

“We’re handing them out on Tuesday from 5-7 for free so people can sample them and we aren’t doing them Sunday because of the Super Bowl. They care about us employees and don’t want to overwhelm us.”

From Pizza Hut, “Ever considered the fact that circles are the new slice? Think about it. It could happen, right? Check back soon and prepare to be amazed.” … “Be sure to watch the big game this Sunday. When the QB says “Hut,” you’ll be able to try one of Pizza Hut’s newest creations! Fingers crossed he doesn’t fumble on this one!”Sliders Pizza Hut

3 comments on “Pizza Hut and the Super Bowl: New Pizza Sliders?

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    So… bagel bites? I think I’ll pass.. Wish PH would show some love to their pasta line. They used to have a spaghetti that was decent.

    • Whitney Reed says:

      I wish they’d go back and concentrate on being a dine-in, sit down restaurant; they really took a nose dive when they started to open delivery and take-out only store front places. Dewey’s is a good sit down pizza chain, but they aren’t in too many markets.

  2. Dormroomnights says:

    So they just noticed people make English muffin pizzas at home, then decided “we might as well charge em for that too?” wow, just wow

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