Philly Cheesesteak Thickburger Returns to Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.

Back by popular demand, the Philly Cheesesteak Thickburger features thinly sliced steak, grilled onions and green peppers, Swiss and American cheeses and mayonnaise atop a charbroiled, 100 percent Black Angus Beef Thickburger patty, all served on a Fresh Baked Bun. The Philly Cheesesteak Thickburger was last featured on the Carl’s Jr. menu in 2010 and at Hardee’s in 2008.

Philly Cheesesteak Burgers Hardees CarlsThe Philly Cheesesteak Thickburger is available as a single, double or Six Dollar or 1/3lb. Thickburger starting at $3.69 for the single. Prices may vary by location.

4 comments on “Philly Cheesesteak Thickburger Returns to Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.

  1. Dave says:

    I live in a rather large city, yet there are no Hardee’s anywhere in the vicinity. If there were any Hardee’s nearby, I would try this, but just like Burger King, I have to jump hurdles or go waaaaay out of my way just to get to one. Pass…

  2. JF says:

    This never appealed to me the first time, nor does it now. Having said that, CJ’s is probably my favorite FF restaurant.

    But I always laugh at these “back by popular demand”. Who demands these products? What defines popular? Just reintroduce your LTO and leave it at that.

  3. ahecht says:

    Unfortunately for me, Hardees and/or Carl’s Jr are in every state except the six New England states and New Jersey. Seriously, you’re in 43 states, is 7 more really that difficult?

  4. Job says:

    Ahecht, Hardee’s got burned 20 years ago by buying Roy Roger’s and trying to convert them into Hardee’s. Roy’s was lucky to survive, and Hardee’s is still scarred by the disaster. Call it QSR PTSD.

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