Oreo n’ Chocolate is the Flavor of the Month at Baskin-Robbins

Baskin-Robbins read my mind with the Flavor of the Month for July: Oreo ‘n Chocolate.  Fans of chocolate ice cream and Oreo cookies rejoice.  The Oreo ‘n Chocolate flavor, is a combination of chocolate ice cream, Oreo cookie pieces and swirls of fudge crackle ribbon.  Also July is National Ice Cream Month and you can get a free waffle cone upgrade with a two-scoop purchase.Chocolate Oreo Baskin Robbins

3 comments on “Oreo n’ Chocolate is the Flavor of the Month at Baskin-Robbins

  1. Alek says:

    ZZzzzzZZZZzzzzZZZ boring flavor! So far BR flavor of the month flavors are pretty boring. To me it just taking existing flavor and putting in a another flavor.

    It should be “America Birthday Cake” which is my favorite flavor. It is amazing with the cake pieces, the frosting swirl, and the base

  2. Because_racecar says:

    Yum!!! My favorite flavor! Wished they stocked this year round, especially since my store seems to constantly run out of plain chocolate ice cream…

    I always get the Breyers version of this when it’s on sale 🙂

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