New Snack ‘N Save Menu from Arby’s

Arby’s has introduced a new value menu called Snack ‘N Save.  The Snack ‘N Save menu features 13 menu items priced at $1 to $2.99.  The Jr. Bacon Cheddar Melt features pepper bacon, roast beef and cheddar cheese sauce on a sesame seed bun and is amongst the standouts of the new menu which also includes 12 oz shakes, Mighty Minis, and a snack size Steakhouse Onion Rings (review).  I’ve got a $5.00 Arby’s gift card if anyone is interested… leave a comment on this post with your thoughts on the Snack ‘N Save menu.

Snack 'n Save Menu Arby'sHere’s the complete rundown of the complete Snack ‘N Save menu:

  • Jr. Bacon Cheddar Melt
  • Jr. Roast Beef Sandwich
  • Mighty Minis
  • Jr. Ham & Cheddar (review)
  • Snack Size Curly Fries
  • Snack Size Steakhouse Onion Rings
  • 4 count Mozzarella Sticks (review)
  • 5 count Jalapeño Bites (review)
  • 16 oz Pepsi
  • Apple Slices
  • Chocolate Molten Lava Cake
  • 12 oz Shakes
  • Turnovers

61 comments on “New Snack ‘N Save Menu from Arby’s

  1. Lame says:

    Similar to the Wendy’s menu, where you’re not sure of the prices until you go in once and remember every time. This misleading tactic basically makes my decision to not go to these places anymore.

    • Robert says:

      Corporate-owned Wendy’s have set prices. Franchise-owned Wendy’s do whatever they want. Sorry you live near the franchise ones, but my god, if I never hear about Wendy’s again on this blog I’ll be a happy person. They have better food than McDonald’s, Burger King, Sonic, Steak n Shake, etc. etc. etc. I don’t mind paying for it, and I certainly don’t care if someone in Oklahoma paid 10 cents less for it.

  2. Noodlez says:

    I’m interested in that Jr. Bacon Cheddar Melt But not at $2.99 and given they don’t list a price…. Knowing how small the Jr Roast beef has got I’d only be willing to spend maybe $1.50

    • Pink Bismuth says:

      I’m thinking that the $2.99 is actually the Mighty Minis and/or the Jalapeno Poppers. At the Arbys I work at the Mighty Minis cost $2.69 and the Jalapeno Poppers $2.89, so I could see how at a pricier Arby’s the price might reach $2.99, as it is the Jr. Bacon Cheddar Melt is only a $1.69 at the Arybs I work at. It’s pretty good, worth a try, not to mention if you get it you can do the Survey on the back of the receipt and get a Free Shake or Turnover on your next visit.

  3. Michael says:

    They already had a dollar menu. I don’t see the point to rebrand it and then include higher items on it lol.

    Still I want $5. And I want to find an Arbys with the mighty minis. I guess I never see them advertised so I don’t ask.

    • Ryan says:

      Same… still haven’t been able to track them down.

    • M86 says:

      We have the Mighty Minis at the Arby’s in my area. Our Arby’s also have waffle fries, which is weird, because they’re not even advertised on their website.

      • Ryan says:

        Arby’s Waffle Fries are a test market item so they won’t be advertised. What area of the country are you in? I’m always interested in test items.

        • Klee says:

          In Orlando, for as long as I can remembe, 10+ years, they have always had the choice of waffle or curly fries. Even in west palm beach 15 years ago, I believe they had thr waffle fry option.

  4. Beverly C says:

    I think it is a great idea. I love the snack size portions. You can try different items and not spend a fortune.

  5. Mike says:

    $2.99 seems a bit much for a snack at a fast food restaurant.

  6. Amy Lauren says:

    The prices do seem a little high. I think everything should be under $2 for a real value menu.

  7. Melissa says:

    I like the idea. I know that there are many times when I’m out and get hungry, but don’t really want a full meal. This would be great for that!

  8. Icedus says:

    I’ll avoid the fries like the plague, because I’m confident you’ll get a very sparse handful for your dollar(?), just like with the previous Value Menu. Everything else I’m willing to give a fair shake, though. Particularly the shake.

  9. Adam Bomb says:

    Good idea, I’m glad to see that Arby’s is still keeping some focus on value. They’re one of the higher-priced fast food joints, and it’s good to have some cheaper options.

  10. Sheila says:

    The Arby’s around me already have several of these items on their current “value menu”, but the prices start at $1.29 and go to $1.99 I believe. Although I like the idea of a value menu, I agree with others who’ve posted already that it’s a bit frustrating not knowing exactly how much something will cost before you go in, and whether different stores will have different prices. If most of the options are on the lower end of the price spectrum (between $1-2), then I might consider them. But I don’t think any of them are “worth” $2.99 to me, especially since Arby’s portions are usually pretty small.

    I still remember when Arby’s had the 5 for $5.95 menu and included mozzarella sticks in the options (and you got 4 of them!). It seems like so long ago! But then they took the mozzarella sticks off that menu, and then the other higher-valued items slowly disappeared so that everything left was sort of the “cheaper” items… Then I guess a couple of years go they totally did away with the 5 for $5.95 menu. That was disappointing, because it had been a nice option for a quick and relatively cheap meal to share with my family if we were short on time, and the options were good so that each of us could select what we liked.

    I guess it’s just going along with the trend of increasing prices overall in fast food (and elsewhere)… I wonder what prices we’ll consider as “value” a few years from now?

  11. Remember says:

    There used to be 5 for 5 roast beef promotions. Wow.

    • Noodlez says:

      I know, the 5 for 5 roast beef or beef n cheddar was epic. Now they are doing 5 for 5 here again. It’s a mix and match of Jr Roast beef or Jr Ham and swiss melts. And those things are tiny!!! The ham and swiss is rather good however. We don’t have the ham and cheddar here.

  12. M86 says:

    Looks like they’re taking a page out of the Wendy’s book… Too bad they don’t have the Loaded Potato Bites on this value menu. Those things are so good.

  13. Dannielle says:

    I like a lot of those choices but the mystery prices leaves a lot to be desired. Curious what the cake tastes like.

  14. Devin says:

    Some of those things seem like they would be pretty good if they were cheap enough. In particular the Jr. Bacon Cheddar Melt and the Chocolate Molten Lava Cake, if they’re both under $2 (I have a feeling that the JBCM is probably one of the $3 items though).

  15. Steve says:

    Which one was 2.99?

  16. BigBelly says:

    I’d give the Jr Cheddar melt & a shake a try

    I think they have partially missed the mark though, those should be “Steakhouse Apple Slices” then they could really gouge you!

  17. Santiago c says:

    Seeing curly fries and shakes is all I need to make me happy.

  18. Diane says:

    I want everything on that menu.

    While I wish everything on there was a dollar I still think it’s a good value and if the jr bacon melt is $2.99 that’s fair because they are probably pricing a $1 for the bacon add on.

  19. Pilar says:

    I think it’s a neat idea, some of the things on their menus are at a high price so it’s nice to have cheaper opinions

  20. Beefonstick says:

    I’ve always viewed Arbys as a “premium” fast food establishment. I tend to go only during $5 combo promos. That being said their everyday value menu attempts have always been overpriced for what is delivered and it seems like this will follow suit.

  21. Bj says:

    I go just for curly fries and red ranch. My Walmart is always sold out of the frozen Arby’s fries.

  22. CB says:

    I think its great. Love the spicy minis!

  23. marianne says:

    Hmmm … The Junior RB w Bacon is a good option, but at probably $3? Maybe not.

  24. Stew says:

    The Jr. Bacon Cheddar Melt and mozz sticks sound like a decent meal to me.

  25. Echo710 says:

    I think the original $1 “value shakes” were smaller than 12 ounces, weren’t they? Sadly, it looks like this new “snack ‘n’ save menu” must mean the end of the cheap $1 shakes. Still, curious to know how much they will charge for the 12-ounce shakes.

    Glad that the jalapeno bites are on the new menu though… my favorite thing to order from Arby’s (with the exception of the now-discontinued triple berry shake; wish they would make that a permanent menu item).

    • Pink Bismuth says:

      I work at Arbys and at the Arbys I work at the Snack n’ Save shakes are just the same value shakes, and are still a $1. Most of Snack n’ Save menu items are items the stores already had, just our sides and our value items put onto one menu with the addition of a few new items like the jalapeno Poppers, Jr. Bacon Cheddar, and Lava Cake with no discernible price difference that I can see.

  26. Robert J says:

    Glad to see onion rings are a part of this deal.

  27. Raiders757 says:

    When I go to Arby’s, value is the last thing on my mind, which is rare for my cheap azz. I only go when I get a craving for their giant roast beef with a few packs of Arby’s sauce. Yummy!!

    The Snack ‘N Save menu looks decent, but I doubt I’ll ever try anything on it.

  28. MP says:

    Arby’s has always been expensive. I don’t think I have ever paid full price on a regular item – they have always had coupons and/or a Mix ‘n Match deal. The Jr sandwiches have been hoovering around $1 to $1.19 & their Jr Chicken sandwich – which is quite good & had a baked chicken taste to it – jumped up to $1.49 last year or two which I don’t see listed here but as a limited item on the Arby’s website.
    I bet this is the $2.99 item: Mighty Minis™ Onion – Our original Mighty Minis topped with housemade crispy onions and rich au jus spread. Still a mini price, but available with an even mightier taste

  29. Jason says:

    That menu looks great! I normally don’t go to arby’s because they’re usually a little pricier than other places but this changes everything. The mighty minis look really good.

  30. Helldog says:

    I’ll try anything for free. The minis look good.

  31. Rob and Jason says:

    Arby’s is okay here… pretty consistent – But we tried the Mighty minis the other day and they were soooooo good! We have been back twice and had them.. Went back again today and they were out of the buns, so they must be popular here in town. If you’re half an Arby’s fan we highly recommend giving them a try.

  32. Patrick Bateman says:

    MMM…onion rings.

  33. Alex K. says:

    ABOUT TIME. They had one of the most boring value menus around. Win or lose the card, I’ll be stopping by soon to pick some stuff up.

  34. Michael says:

    Why are people excited for items on this? Most items like onion rings can probably already be ordered in a smaller size for the same price.

  35. TJ says:

    Everything looks pretty tasty. I’ll agree with the majority that $2.99 seems to be a little excessive for a “value” item when other chains are still offering plenty of choices for a buck. Also, I don’t really see the point of putting a soda on the list.. that’s nice if they’re selling sodas for a dollar I guess, but for some reason it just seems strange to have that on this menu. I like their curly fries and mozzarella sticks once in a while, but if I’m lucky enough to win I’d probably try as many of the newer sandwiches as I could get for $5, just to try something different.

  36. TF says:

    Three bucks is a bit for a snack menu… but Arby’s pricing is so high to start with, it might make sense.

  37. Jason M says:

    I like it, it’s a good addition to their existing dollar menu. I’d probably avoid the $2+ items though.

  38. Linny says:

    Part of the reason I don’t go to Arby’s very often is because it’s pretty pricy, so I like the options on this menu.

  39. Chris says:

    You can’t go wrong with a couple Jr. Roast Beef Sandwiches!

  40. Roger says:

    To make the pricing more adventuresome, I’m thinking about a Jr. Bacon Cheddar Melt and putting the onion rings on the bottom with Arbys sauce. Sort of making a Rodeo style roast beef with bacon.

  41. Kat B. says:

    My fave- the junior roast beef with 3 packets of Arby’s sauce. It’s the perfect snack or light lunch for me. I agree Arby’s has gotten crazy expensive, but sometimes you just get that Arby’s craving. I also LOVE the Jamocha shake.

  42. Jennifer says:

    The Jr. Bacon Cheddar Melt sounds really good. It seems like a great array of options for a value menu.

  43. therealsteveshady says:

    Kudos to Arby’s for giving people an opportunity to buy quality, if small-portioned, food from them for a really decent price.

  44. Elizabeth says:

    Sounds interesting, but anything above $1.49 is a pretty expensive fast food snack.

  45. yami990 says:

    i’d get some onion rings and curly fries along with perhaps a order of mozzarella sticks and a pepsi as a junky lunch if i was feeling especially like i needed to get calories down. which seems like a much tastier option then downing ensure. so please pick me?

  46. Marie says:

    The “new” snack and save menu is not new at all. Arby’s took their Value Menu, deleted a few items, added a couple of new ones on, and the prices are either the same or HIGHER than before!

    They have it broken out to “1.00” snack items which includes everything up to 1.99 and “2.00” snack items which has items up to 2.99. I was not impressed with the layout of their new menu – plus they dropped the Jr. Chicken Sandwich for 1.00 which was pretty decent for the price.

    Overall at Arby’s I like their Turkey Mighty Minis (still 2.69) and their Jamocha shakes but that’s about it.

  47. KTW says:

    Just went to an Arby’s last week and took advantage of the new menu. Definitely a plus in my book and will consider it an option when I’m on the go.

  48. Kiki says:

    Ever since living off of a college budget I’ve preferred ordering a couple things off the value menu instead of the combos. Seems like I’d save a few bucks, skip the soda and get water, and get a bit ore food. I’d definitely give this a try.

  49. Anne Sutton says:

    Hey at least I don’t see any fries on roast beef sandwiches….score one for Arby’s 😉

  50. Sean says:

    This looks like a decent selection, actually. Interest is definitely piqued.

  51. Marie says:

    WHY did Arby’s pull the Turkey Mighty Minis from the menu?!? They still have the Roast Beef Mighty Minis, and they still carry turkey (via the Grand Turkey Club and the Market Fresh sandwiches) at their stores, so I asked if they could please subsitute the turkey instead of Roast Beef. They said absolutely no subsitutions allowed. I even asked if I could pay an upcharge for the turkey and they said no.

    Horrible customer service – this is an easy substitution, especially since they carried this as an option on their menu a little over two weeks ago. This makes me not want to be a customer at their restaurant chain if they can’t make a simple accomodation as I have described.

  52. Echo710 says:

    Just out of curiosity, did you ever draw a winner for this giveaway?

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