New Grilled Teriyaki Chicken from Panda Express

For fans of sweet and savory, Panda Express introduces Grilled Teriyaki Chicken.  “Grilled to perfection, sliced to order.” says Panda Express.  Single entree size clocks in at 300 calories, 13 grams of fat, 530 milligrams of sodium and 37 grams of protein.Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Panda ExpressIt looks like Panda Express is going the healthier route with their latest campaign by also having a battle between traditional fried rice and newcomer brown fried rice.  Panda Express will track the number of orders of classic fried rice and the new brown fried rice and results will be posted on their Facebook page.Brown Fried Rice Panda Express

6 comments on “New Grilled Teriyaki Chicken from Panda Express

  1. Roger C. says:

    I swear this has been tested at my store for a while now. I saw it a few months ago.

  2. Jake says:

    This has been tested in my market for a while now, as a replacement for their Mandarin Chicken. It’s a shame, the Mandarin Chicken had a much better taste. This new chicken doesn’t taste good at all without being smothered in the teriyaki sauce, which is kept on the side – and they’ve forgotten to give me the sauce twice through the drive thru.

    Overall, not a dish I’d recommend. Bring back the mandarin chicken any day.

  3. Will Buckingham says:

    I’m pretty sure this has been at the mall location that opened near my work a few months back as well. I was curious to try it, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Maybe I’ll give it a go with the teriyaki sauce on my next trip.

  4. alan rodriguez says:

    panda expresss cusk

  5. Saturn says:

    The Grilled Teriyaki Chicken has been on the menu on the Panda Express website since last year and has been my favorite item to order ever since.

    I love it so much that I like to get it for all of my entree items on my combo plate.

    The chicken has a nice char-grilled texture and taste that’s delicious on its own without sauce, and they serve it to you with the Teriyaki sauce in a separate cup on the side for dipping.

    I like to alternate between bites of the chicken on it’s own to enjoy the char-grilled goodness and some bites dipped into the Teriyaki sauce.

  6. Robert says:

    I mean, I’m sure it’s good, but I just can’t go to Panda and not order orange chicken and either honey walnut shrimp or sweetfire chicken. Plus half steamed veggies/half chow mein. Yummmmmm

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