New Grilled Chicken Sliders Coming to White Castle

Coming soon to White Castle will be new Grilled Chicken Sliders. The Grilled Chicken Sliders will start out in three available styles… the 180-calorie Savory, the Bacon & Cheddar, and the Western BBQ.

Grilled Chicken Sliders White Castle

5 comments on “New Grilled Chicken Sliders Coming to White Castle

  1. PeterInSantaRosa says:

    This looks like the original Chicken Little from KFC, which was pretty good (unlike the recent re-incarnation).

    I’d like a sackful of these, please!

  2. maxchain says:

    I saw the sign at my White Castle the other night. The cashier told me they’re pretty good, but another employee quickly informed us that they’re only served between 10:30 AM and 11 PM. I’d just arrived at 11:02, so there went that. Not sure if the timing thing’s chainwide.

  3. Jay says:

    I would love to have a WC within a reasonable driving distance. It doesn’t even have to be in my town. Just close enough so I could go get some of those fabulous breakfast sandwiches.

    Who cracks a fresh egg these days for their breakfast sandwiches besides WC?

    • Robert says:

      Panera does, but they cook them all at 4am and put them in a tray of water for most of the morning. WC really does cook their egg sandwiches to order. Yummmm.

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