New French Fry Burger from Burger King

Starting September 1st, Burger King will be offering a new value burger to its menu.  Say hello to the French Fry Burger.  The French Fry Burger is a regular hamburger with lettuce, ketchup, mayo and french fries on a toasted sesame seed bun.  Priced at $1.00, the French Fry Burger will set you back 360 calories and 19 grams of fat.  So what do you think of a burger with fries in it?  Uninspired?  It’s been done before.  Hard to find too much to complain about at just a buck.

Burger King French Fry BurgerIt’s a little complicated and I don’t have time to write up all the step by step instructions on how to make the French Fry Burger for yourself, but I took a picture of mine for a visual aid.  Hint: Add four french fries.

BK French Fry Burger

38 comments on “New French Fry Burger from Burger King

  1. Matt says:

    Yeah this was a lame idea when Checkers did it, and they actually have GOOD fries, sooo……….

  2. Devin says:

    I don’t know, even at just $1 I’d still feel kinda cheated if I bought this. At least add some cheese.

  3. Kevin D says:

    Lol @ “it’s a little complicated….” Hahahahahah yea but I do this with chicken sandwiches sometimes. By sometimes I mean when I was 15 in high school with the flux deluxe. Bonus points if you get that reference!

  4. Ray says:

    “Buy 1 regular hamburger, get 4 french fries free!”

    Even for Burger King, this is complete nonsense.

  5. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Damn, they are down to stealing ideas from Rally’s/Checkers?

  6. Jen says:

    I’d rather have onion rings than a few sticks of fries.

  7. Dana B says:

    “The New French Fry Burger: We’ve run out of ideas!”

    Can’t see this one taking off, really. This is a gimmick done wrong!

    Although, maybe having the fries on a chicken sandwich would be better, but given the fact their chix sandwiches are enormous, that may not be such a great idea…
    The Tendercrisp on the other hand…

  8. Alex K. says:

    Yawn… I never understood this. It’s like “the guys” were sitting in a silent office with their hands in their palms. Dead silence. Suddenly — “I got it!” and everybody looks at the new guy. “How about… a hamburger. That has fries on it? You know, since it’s so inconvenient to take a bite of the burger… and then grab a fry!” The group looks around the room at each other without a word.

    Months later, the goon is awarded the Nobel Grease Prize!

    I know. That was incredibly lame. Boring. You’ve lost 17 seconds of your life reading that. My apologies. Go play some Minesweeper. Good luck, soldier.

    • Adam Bomb says:

      I had the same idea about where they came up with this. Their creative team must have had a very slow day when they churned this one out. Does anyone remember when BK had a special Whopper to promote the last Indiana Jones movie? It had some kind of sauce on it that was just amazing.

  9. TJ says:

    I would predict 80% of people commenting on here will try to be cool and ironic by saying this is stupid, BK sucks at everything, Whoppers are so terrible now compared to 30 years ago etc.. it’s the same stuff over and over here in the GrubHate comments when it comes to the bigger chains.. I’m not trying to insult the people who run this site, they do a great job, comments here just seem to skew toward negative for the larger chains.. But anyway I really don’t see how this is such a travesty if it’s going to be a dollar. They’re actually giving you lettuce, which isn’t a big deal I guess, but what other dollar burgers even do that? Personally I would probably go for pickles and mustard instead of lettuce and mayo, but still.. it’s a dollar hamburger. And it’s kind of nice to get that fry effect on your burger without having to buy an order if you don’t want to.

    • Robert says:

      Yes, the commenters here are notorious armchair snobs when it comes to the fast food industry (which is funny, since they’re clearly obsessed with it). I agree there’s nothing wrong with this burger. It’s a Whopper Jr. with fries instead of tomato/pickle/onion. The Bacon Burger did the same exact thing by adding bacon and removing the veggies, and you’d think they were making the burgers out of crucified cats given the reaction here.

      But one thing I will agree on is that BK did something with their meat and the way they cook it. I swear they fire grill all the burgers at 5am and then just microwave the rest throughout the day. THAT’S been the saddest thing about BK’s decline. But when they get it right, nothin’ beats a Whopper. Mmmm.

      • Jonathan Wayne says:

        Aww, the BK execs who came up with this idea are butthurt. Poor babies.

        • TJ says:

          If you think BK execs who are making millions really care if 50 people rant about their food being bad on a food blog.. oh wait you’re just making a lame joke. Congrats.

          • Jonathan Wayne says:

            You better believe they do. It may seem like just 50 people here, but 50 people here might echo the feelings of 50 million people out there. You think they send the coupons for food to this site that are given away because they have nothing better to do? When they don’t perform and the company and the stock don’t perform, they get fired and there goes their nice salaries too.

            You have the mentality of a GM exec from the pre-bailout era.

      • TJ says:

        Hah half the people here would probably say “I’d rather eat a crucified cat then something from BK” 🙂 To each his own of course..

    • MP says:

      But Burger King does suck. Did you see the patty in Ryan’s picture? It barely takes up half the bun. The patties at my BK are actually flower shaped – they take a die cut to remove the “round corners” in an effort to stretch out their product even more. It honestly is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen done to a hamburger patty. It looks like this: Even as far back as the late 1990s BK would charge me for water. Regular tap water. Come on.
      If Burger King was starting out today & doing what they’re doing, they would be out of business. I’m not trying to be some cool ironic hipster – I’m pissed off they continue to thrive on their current business model. They used to be a great alternative to McDonald’s & it went to total shyt. It’s so sad to see. They also overcook the hell out of their patties to the point that they’re almost totally charred & they’re completely dry. They need to put their focus back on their burgers & quality instead of every trendy side & gimmick that McDonald’s tries. Don’t tell me a Whopper deserves to be over $3.50 when it doesn’t even have any cheese on it.

      • TJ says:

        Your comment has substance, and if that’s been your experience then I get why you’d hate them, sounds like they suck. I’ve never been charged for water at any fast food place, that’s ridiculous. I’ll agree too that Whopper’s are extremely over-priced, although with a BOGO coupon it gets down to a reasonable level. Burger Kings in some parts of the country do suck in my opinion, I’ve experienced bad service and lukewarm food.. but the couple local ones I go to once in a while in my area on the West Coast always serve food that’s hot and consistent. I’m not saying it’s amazing, but one of them out here is open 24/7. If you go late, they’ll often tell you they need 5-10 minutes to drop some of the items in the fryer, and ask you to pull over, if you’re willing to wait. Then they’re nice enough to warn you that the food is really hot, be careful.. which is obvious but they probably assume half of the people up that late are partying and not thinking straight. I’ll try to take some pictures next time to compare to yours and Ryan’s, my burgers never look like that.. I almost always just get a regular hamburger in addition to a chicken item or something, the hamburgers are still 89 cents and they’re more than reasonable to me at that price.

  10. Old Fogey Paul says:

    Even for BurgerKing, this one is kind of a stretch, even if this is a dollar menu offering it looks like it has obvious flaws, I think I’ll pass. As someone pointed out, Burger King really was a lot better (both in quality and in value) 20 years ago… Just sayin’

    • Roberr says:

      This is a new low for BK, they took chicken fries and mozzarella sticks off the menu, but they chose to put the dumb French fry burger.. RIP BK

  11. Adam Bomb says:

    @TJ: The pointless negative comments do suck, I agree. I like to hear what others have to say on GrubGrade, but they should at least have a little substance to their commentary beyond “Ewww ‘insert chain here’ is the most disgusting thing ever, ‘other chain’ is the only place worth eating and everything else is crap”.

    That said, I do think this is a pretty silly idea. I’d be surprised if they sold enough of these to cover the advertising costs. Is it a stupid sandwich? No. Just not a very creative or novel idea in the fast food landscape. I used to do something similar by crushing up potato chips and putting them on pizza or a cold cut sandwich. BK hasn’t had my attention for quite some time. I hope they can come up with something decent soon.

    • TJ says:

      Yea I agree it’s not creative, I do the same types of things already too. As for selling them though, it seems like many consumers will try almost anything once if it’s just a buck.. and the fact that many people already do this type of thing seems like it will actually be a pretty easy sell to me.

  12. Eagles409 says:

    It’s a dumb idea, but it’s made even worse by the fact the burger is being topped by the disgusting Burger King fries. Their fries are just horrible.

  13. Kenneth says:

    I can just see it now: “Would you like fries with that?”

  14. jen says:

    they will spend more money on advertising these then there gonna make selling them. lets face it there fry’s suck and I can see the employees using fry’s that are cold/luck warm that have been sitting gross!

  15. DerangedHermit says:

    I’d actually lifehack the burger and add onions, to get a cheaper Whopper Jr. The tomato doesn’t really add that much to the Whopper Jr.

  16. Ron says:

    I wish they brought the Rodeo Cheeseburger back with it. (Rodeo burger was a cheeseburger with onion rings and bbq sauce on top). They could have let the customer mix and match fries or rings, bbq sauce or mayo.

  17. MP says:

    4 whole fries – how come we are so blessed? I could easily find 4 fries on the BK floor.

  18. cupie says:

    I echo everything that everybody has already said. @Ron, love the Rodeo Cheeseburger. If we are wishing, I wish they would bring back the chicken tender sandwich.

  19. CB says:

    Just BK copying off someone again. Checkers the creator has an amazing fry lovers burger. Best thing is that they are 2 for $3 everyday. Plus it has cheese and fries that actually taste good!

  20. Marie says:

    I remember back in the mid 90s when they were offering their 2 Hamburgers plus 2 Small Fries deal for 2.22. Now THAT was a good deal – this fry burger just makes me shake my head.

  21. Tony says:

    If enough people order these, maybe I can get some hot fries when I go through the drive-thru. Maybe that’s their strategy

    • Jay says:

      You can get hot fries whenever you want if you can wait a few minutes. Just order fries with no salt and then add a salt packet to them.

  22. BigBelly says:

    I am having a hard time containing my drool as I write this… just thinking about getting home, unwrapping that package, and finding a slimy, steamed piece of lettuce covering 4 soggy fries gets me wetter then a $2 ho dreaming about fleet week.

    If BK execs are indeed reading this, I think we might be seeing the “Crucified Cat Sandwich” soon, perhaps in time for Easter… hope they don’t nerf it by putting fries on it too

  23. brett says:

    How stupid…they’ll sell anything.

  24. Wendell Fountain says:

    Gosh, after reading all these negatives on the new fry-burger, I’m almost afraid to comment. I had one the other day, and I thought it was great! I know this is not a new idea, but the flavor was very good.

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