New for May at Baskin-Robbins: Blueberry is the Featured Flavor

Blueberry as taken over at Baskin-Robbins for the month of May as the Flavor of the Month is Blueberry Shortbread Ice Cream.Blueberry Shortbread Baskin RobbinsHere’s the rundown of featured items at Baskin-Robbins for May:

  • Blueberry Shortbread Ice Cream: The May Flavor of the Month features shortbread and blueberry-flavored ice cream with a tasty and textured lemon shortbread cookie swirl.
  • Mixed Berry Waffle Cone:  This new waffle cone option features a delicious mixed-berry flavor.
  • Blueberry Shortbread Milkshake: A delectable milkshake made with Blueberry Shortbread ice cream, milk and simple syrup.
  • Berry Waffle Crunch 31° Below®: Features smooth and creamy Baskin-Robbins vanilla soft serve blended with strawberry topping and crunchy Mixed Berry Waffle Cone pieces.
  • Coke® Float: This refreshing, creamy beverage is made with Baskin-Robbins’ vanilla ice cream or soft serve and ice cold Coca-Cola®.

3 comments on “New for May at Baskin-Robbins: Blueberry is the Featured Flavor

  1. Sascha says:

    Yeah yeah, blueberry, all well and good. What I want is to try that waffle cone, that sounds awesome.

  2. maxchain says:

    I haven’t had Baskin-Robbins in years. The nearest one to where I just moved is still quite a commute, but what the hell. I’m so delightfully surprised someone’s done something creative to the waffle cone after all these years, I’ll try to make a location on the way to somewhere.

  3. Raiders757 says:

    I’ll have to give that waffle cone and the Blueberry Shortbread Ice Cream a try. I have a BR right around the corner from me.

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