New Ciabatta Jack Sandwiches at Long John Silver’s

The latest from Long John Silver’s… new Ciabatta Jack Sandwiches.  Your choice of chicken or fish with lettuce, zesty sauce, Monterey Jack cheese on a ciabatta bun.  Priced at $1.99.

Ciabatta Jack Sandwiches Long John Silver

12 comments on “New Ciabatta Jack Sandwiches at Long John Silver’s

  1. Raiders757 says:

    I’ll take one of each, hold the “zesty sauce”, and pass me a bottle of Texas Pete.

  2. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Both very very good, although I prefer the fish. I think I have had 3 already this week. Just had one about 20 mins ago. The bun is nice, hot and crispy and it is a pretty large sandwich.

  3. BigBelly says:

    sounds pretty tasty, wonder how big it is though
    the LJS by me shares space with a KFC, hope they don’t try and slip me some of that skin membrane boneless stuff LOL

  4. Pilar says:

    Great deal for the price.

  5. Jay says:

    Received some coupons for these a few days ago. BOGO’s are my favorite.

    It’s probably just me but after eating one of these types of products (a sandwich made from stuff like fish that is already on a restaurants menu), I always think..damn, that could have used another piece of fish/chicken/etc).

  6. Ric says:

    I had 2 of them yesterday, I really liked them. Didn’t get the price point though. Sandwich is $1.99, combo is $4.99. You can get 2 sandwiches for a dollar less than a sandwich, fries, and a drink. I almost always take it home anyway so a drink is not necessary.

    • Michael says:

      Almost all combos seem bad now. I have noticed most places charge the same exact amount as getting all of the pieces individually so you don’t gain anything.

  7. Mike N. says:

    The big problem is that each sandwich has an amazing 6 grams of trans fat!!

  8. Robert says:

    This is the sort of thing that LJS NEEDS to survive. I doubt it’ll be as good as their chalupa thing they had a few years back but I’m on board!

  9. TJ says:

    Just had one of each today, these are delicious. The fish is definitely better than the chicken, but it’s good. One piece of fish or two of their chicken strips. I was expecting the sauce to be bad, but it had just enough on it to be tasty and not overpowering. The cheese is good, it’s a fairly thick slice compared to other fast food options.

    I would rate the fish version as one of my favorite fast food sandwiches. The Ciabatta was toasted while still soft.

    The menu showed them as being $2.99 with them only $1.99 as a limited time offer so the combo price makes sense at $4.99. Add the side and drink and it’s over $4.99 even at the $1.99 point. You guys comparing the two sandwich cost of $3.98 to the combo price of $4.99 are not comparing the same thing. It’s giving you a discount on the sandwich, side and drink; not two sandwiches. Not everyone needs to have two “entrees” to be happy.

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