New Chicken Chipotle Mini Tacos from 7-Eleven

Recently I’ve become hooked on Don Miguel Chicken & Cheese Mini Tacos (big box at Costco, they’re legit).  I’ve been meaning to get around to featuring more convenience store grub so here’s an entry straight from 7-Eleven.  New Chicken Chipotle Mini Tacos… 4 for a buck.  Made with shredded chicken, green chilies, minced onions, a hint of garlic and a mix of spices in a white corn tortilla.  Each mini taco is 55 calories.  Chicken Chipotle joins the Spicy Beef Mini Tacos introduced last year.Chicken Chipotle Mini Tacos 7-Eleven

3 comments on “New Chicken Chipotle Mini Tacos from 7-Eleven

  1. Hugh Jazz says:

    I’m noticing the fine print on the ad pictured here: “Single item at regular price” … If I’m not mistaken, these are about the size of a round tortilla chip folded over in half. I’m curious how these are displayed, since they’re not on the traditional “roller grill” with the hot dogs, and since you can just buy a single so they are not pre-packaged on the warming shelf… are they just sitting in a big steam bin that you pick out how many you want? I shouldn’t care, but I do… this defies logic.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Yes, they are about the size of a tortilla chip and look a bit…hard. Between the roller grill and the cash registers there should be a warming oven type thing. It holds these tacos, chicken tenders, pizza slices, and chicken wings. You have to ask them to grab the items you would like.

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