New Chick-fil-A Breakfast Menu Items in Test Markets

I like Chick-fil-A breakfast… see exhibit A and exhibit B.  I recently came across a Chick-fil-A location that was offering a selection of new breakfast items that are currently still in a test market phase.  Select locations in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware, the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Inland Empire, California and central Georgia are your best best for tracking down the new breakfast items. The market test will continue through November 2nd. From the new breakfast menu items, I grabbed the Maple Waffle, the Sausage, Egg & Cheese English Muffin and the Cinnamon Biscuit Roll.

New Chick-fil-A Breakfast

Out of the stuff I’ve tried so far, I’m considering doing a full review of at least the Maple Waffle… my impressions… hint, hint I liked it enough to get it on back to back mornings.  Here’s a rundown of the new breakfast offerings being tested at select Chick-fil-A locations:

  • Toasted English Muffin: Served warm and toasted with jelly or guest’s choice of condiment. Starting at $0.89.
  • Sausage, Egg & Cheese English Muffin: A pork sausage patty, folded egg and cheese served on a toasted English muffin. Starting at $2.59.
  • Maple Waffle: A sweet Belgian-style waffle with a unique caramelized sugar crunch. The waffle is baked with maple syrup inside – no additional syrup is required, making it a perfect choice for kids and customers on-the-go. Starting at $2.05.
  • Cinnamon Biscuit Roll:  A cinnamon breakfast pastry inspired by Chick-fil-A’s made-from-scratch buttermilk biscuit, served warm with cream cheese icing. Starting at $1.89.
  • Toasted Bagel: A hearty plain bagel served warm and toasted, and with cream cheese or guest’s choice of condiment. Starting at $1.25.
  • Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel: Strips of smoked Applewood bacon, folded egg and cheese served on a toasted bagel. Starting at $2.95.

The real “new” factor for the breakfast sandwiches is the new choice of bread, the English Muffin.  Also, theres now a plain bagel option.

New Chick-fil-A Breakfast SandwichesOn current Chick-fil-A breakfast menus there is a Chicken, Egg & Cheese Bagel (our review) which uses a sunflower multigrain bagel.  Breakfast sandwiches can be ordered with your choice of meat (bacon, sausage or chicken) and bread (English muffin, bagel or biscuit).  Chick-fil-A is also replacing grapes with blueberries in its Fruit Cup, which is a mix of mandarin oranges, strawberries and red and green apple pieces.

13 comments on “New Chick-fil-A Breakfast Menu Items in Test Markets

  1. Jay says:

    When it comes to any kind of dining establishment, I don’t subscribe to the more is better philosophy. Just do a dozen items or so and do them well. Chik-Fil-A seems to be losing their way and is headed towards becoming another “just jam the menu with something for everybody” type of place.

    Shame. Leave the bagels to the bagel shop. Leave the egg mcmuffins to mcdees. Focus on your biscuits because they suck – I swear Holiday Inn is serving the exact same biscuit product minus the chicken of course. Cinnamon biscuit roll? Maple waffle? I don’t know. Are you making them fresh or are they frozen?

    Just seems like they could make a better biscuit.

    And btw, you’re doing chicken strips. You’re doing spicy chicken. Why aren’t you doing spicy chicken strips?

  2. Rick says:

    Waffle chicken sandwich?

    • JF says:

      I was thinking the same thing. And there probably is someplace that is doing that, but I am surprised nobody (i.e. a chain, etc) hasn’t offered up a chicken sandwich using waffles as the bun. Of course I would not be surprised to see that pop up somewhere soon. Especially if the Popeye’s waffle battered chicken is a hit and someone (BK, who tends to rip other ideas off) decides to up the ante.

    • Marie says:

      Now THAT is a great idea!!

    • Tracy says:

      Chicken n waffle served on test market now. Yum. Ask for the honey butter on waffle

  3. Ken says:

    still won’t eat there.

    • AlexG says:

      Why is that? Their Chicken fast food product seems to get better reviews then the others.

      • Thistle says:

        Because they’re actively anti-marriage equality. I love fast food chicken, and one is opening nearly next door to me, but I will continue to never eat there so long as they’re a company of hate.

        YMMV, of course. I wouldn’t hold anyone else to my own opinions.

  4. Will Buckingham says:

    I’ll have to see if the local Chik-Fil-A has gotten these yet. They had the cheese sauce and spicy chicken fairly early, so there’s a good chance they’ll be testing these early as well. I actually really like the flavor profile of a McDonalds McGriddles, but they’re a bit on the floppy/soggy side by the time they get to you. If these Maple Waffles are anywhere near as good on taste and maintain a somewhat crispy texture, I’m really looking forward to trying one. And I’m curious as well as to how a chicken patty would go with it.

  5. SmoledMan says:

    What about a fresh spinach salad instead of all that greasy junk?

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