New California Steakburger from Steak ‘n Shake

Burger math… add avocado and it equals California.  The latest featured burger at Steak ‘n Shake is the California Steakburger.  The Original Double ‘n Cheese has some competition.

And now, our classic steakburger gets a West Coast twist! Welcoming the California Steakburger, topped with aged white Cheddar cheese, thick black peppercorn bacon, fresh avocado slices and a zesty sauce.

New California Steakburger

7 comments on “New California Steakburger from Steak ‘n Shake

  1. Gilly says:

    Yeah maybe if the avocados were diced up with onions and cilantro. And the bun, burger, bacon, tomato, lettuce and cheese were all tortilla chips.

  2. TheHotToddy23 says:

    Absolutely love Steak n’ Shake… those of you who don’t have one near you are really missing out especially if you like skinny fries and a wide variety of awesome burgers (chili is good, too). Any burger with avocado on it is a pass in my book, though, as I just don’t think the two taste great together despite the fact I love avocado and burgers.

    • MP says:

      Steak n Shake chili – for me it was about 95% Texas beans & sauce with very little meat; like it came straight out of a can. Their fries are basically like 1/4″ the thickness of McDonald’s – basically all fried exterior & no interior puffy potato; like soggy shoe string potatoes.
      I do love the Frisco Melt but it’s just so damn greasy I can only eat half of it at a time. It doesn’t even come with huge dark green leafy lettuce anymore.
      In general, SnS buns have always fallen apart on me, very overpriced without coupons & I’m not a shake person at all so half of their motif doesn’t apply to me. Service, be it dining or drive thru is very slow. Be prepared to spend at least 8 minutes in the drive thru.

      • TheHotToddy23 says:

        Sounds like you haven’t had a good experience, and I do agree that it can be pricey without coupons (I get them in the mail several times a month where I live now, though.) Like anything, everyone views it differently! Personally I think the food is better quality than most other fast food places but maybe it is simply the ones that I’ve visited since quality seems to vary widely at chain restaurants. I personally think Wendy’s is awful despite the fact many of my friends love it but that is how it goes.

        • MP says:

          This is about 16 years worth of SnS experiences from various locations. The buns have always been an issue & I think SnS has been pretty consistent, at least from my end. I still find homemade better than SnS, tho.

  3. Elise says:

    I didn’t think this was new. Maybe newly featured, but I feel like they had avocado already.

  4. Thistle says:

    Dear Steak ‘n Shake,

    If you’re going to have a California burger, it’s only fair that you open up some places in California. I’d really like to try you.


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