New Buffalo Blue Cheese CrissCut Fries from Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr. recently released the Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger and since they’ve got the ingredients laying around, why not pile them on some fries?  Buffalo Blue Cheese CrissCut Fries are topped with Frank’s® Red Hot® Buffalo Sauce, Blue Cheese Crumbles, and Ranch Dressing.  An order of these fries will set you back 740 calories and 51 grams of fat.

Buffalo Blue Cheese Fries Carls

5 comments on “New Buffalo Blue Cheese CrissCut Fries from Carl’s Jr.

  1. Joe Cool says:

    Okay, what am I missing…they are called Buffalo Blue Cheese CrissCut Fries…I know they have blue cheese crumbles but why the hell does it have ranch dressing, wouldn’t blue cheese dressing make more sense?

  2. Deanna says:

    And what is a “CrissCut?” I hate when they just make words up!

  3. ktkof08 says:

    Dude… 51 grams of fat for fries? That just seems completely insane.

  4. Jonathan Wayne says:

    See you guys at the ER. This is ridiculous.

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