New Blackberry ‘n Cream Cheese Pie from Popeyes

In addition to Waffle Chicken Tenders, Popeyes is also promoting its new Blackberry ‘n Cream Cheese Pie.  I first tried this pie last year before its release and it was instantly one of my favorite fast food desserts.  Seek it out!  Priced at $1.29.  Prices may vary.

Blackberry Cream Cheese Pie Popeyes

2 comments on “New Blackberry ‘n Cream Cheese Pie from Popeyes

  1. BigBelly says:

    yum, definitely going there soon now!

  2. ahecht says:

    The cashier tried to talk me out of getting them, saying they weren’t as good as the apple. While I did like it better than the apple, I didn’t feel it was worth three times the price (1 for $1.29 vs. 2 for $1.00).

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