McDonald’s Testing New Items with “Dollar Menu and More”

In a recent article in the Chicago Tribune online publication, details emerge on what’s next for McDonald’s and the Dollar Menu.  With higher costs of doing business, the prices of our beloved McDonald’s value menu are going to take a hit over time.  McDonald’s has a plan in the works to introduce a “Dollar Menu and More” value menu with some interesting new additions.Dollar Menu and More McDonald'sOver the years we’ve seen changes on the Dollar Menu such as the Double Cheeseburger being replaced with the McDouble and the 4-piece McNuggets taking an exit.  We’ve also seen McDonald’s toy with the value menu double burger with alterations like the Daily Double and the Bacon McDouble.  Add-options have always been available, but for the most part not really advertised.  With the Dollar Menu and More, adding bacon to anything won’t seem too unusual and the same goes for adding a burger patty.  The newbie Grilled Onion Cheddar currently on the Dollar Menu will be made a Grilled Onion Cheddar McDouble for $1.79.  According to the article, the Dollar Menu and More will be tested in Albuquerque, Memphis, Fresno, Hartford, Connecticut and Columbia, South Carolina.  Check out the new grub:

Southwest Burger: This looks like the most far-out item from the new offerings.  The white Cheddar we’re familiar with from the Grilled Onion Cheddar is featured along with a barbeque ranch sauce and tortilla strips.  Also available with an additional burger patty for 79-cents more to make it a Southwest McDouble.

Southwest Burger McDonald'sDijon Swiss Burger: Fans of Swiss cheese are probably disappointed to see the Mushroom & Swiss Angus no longer on the McDonald’s menu so the return of Swiss comes in the form of the Dollar Menu Dijon Swiss Burger.  The burger also features lettuce, pickles, and mustard sauce.  Also available as a Dijon Swiss McDouble for $1.79.

Dijon Swiss Burger McDonald'sBacon McChicken:  It’s about time the McChicken receive a much needed upgrade.  The Dollar Menu McChicken with added white Cheddar and new thick-cut Applewood smoked bacon becomes the new Bacon McChicken.  Priced at $1.79.Bacon McChickenBuffalo McChicken: This is your standard McChicken made just with added buffalo sauce.  A Hot ‘n Spicy McChicken with added buffalo sauce to make a Hot ‘n Spicy Buffalo McChicken sounds entirely possible.Buffalo McChickenBuffalo Bacon McChicken: Here’s where some McDonald’s Math comes into play with the $1 Buffalo McChicken becomes $1.79 with the addition of bacon, but not bacon and cheese (see Bacon McChicken above).  So an extra burger patty and strips of bacon are both a 79-cent upcharge.Buffalo Bacon McChicken

So out of all the new menu items available in select markets, which one would you like to see make the national jump?  How do you feel about value menus and the prices that keep creeping up?  What’s your current favorite McDonald’s Dollar Menu item?  Let’s discuss!

15 comments on “McDonald’s Testing New Items with “Dollar Menu and More”

  1. Kevin says:

    It would be glorious to actually find a burger that looks like these marketing photos. Maybe a new ff concept?

  2. Rick says:

    I would appreciate them breaking this up into variations of each. Southwest mcchicken sandwich could be good, buffalo bacon burger could be good… Make the price of each $1 and have 79c upgrades.

  3. Royal says:

    Aww man, I hope that the Buffalo McChicken means an end to the spicy chicken patty Hot and Spicy McChicken. Burger King changed their spicy dollar chicken sandwich from a patty to a sauce, and it forced me over to McDonald’s for cheap eats because it just wasn’t the same. I really hope this isn’t a move towards McDonalds consolidating patties.

    • Fleming says:

      My local McDs in Columbia, SC has the full new dollar menu, I attempted to order a Hot and Spicy this past weekend and was told they no longer have them but was offered a Buffalo McChicken, I passed, and was fully sad the Hot and Spicy made such a short appearance, gone they are.

    • Joe says:

      The Spicy McChicken is WAY better than that plain, boring regular McChicken. It’s regional and (hopefully) not going away, deal with it.

      If they keep the Spicy, go to Wendy’s for a plain nasty chicken sandwich with no seasoning except lettuce and mayo, it’s the same price.

  4. Scrape says:

    Some of these look pretty intereting. I like the Buffalo chicken idea, and the swiss dijon seems pretty good, and the prices seem fair. With the bacon and junk, the additional .79 seems reasonable when compared with the plain ol’ Daily Double. Still, the McDouble is perhaps the best value on the menu and in the market, followed by BK’s Single Stacker. The McDouble will still be my go to at McDs, as they nixed the Angus burgers, and for some reason, the 1/4 pounders just don’t seem to do it for me. Which is why I’ve been frequenting Hardees more often.

  5. Yum says:

    Buffalo McChicken for a $1, please.

  6. T.J. says:

    The Dijon Swiss McDouble and the Buffalo Bacon McChicken have been available here in CT for almost two months now. Just today I noticed the expanded Dollar Menu + More section posted up on the menu board with a few of these other options available. I was surprised to see that 20 Piece Chicken McNuggets for $4.49 were moved to this Dollar Menu + More spot on the board. It’s a good deal, (cheaper than buying five of the previously available $1 Four Piece McNuggets), but it looks odd on this Dollar + Menu. Probably because it costs $1 + $3.49. Everything else on the menu is under $2.
    I adore the Dijon Swiss McDouble. The sauce is more like a mild mustard sauce than anything resembling dijon but it still has a nice tang. I also generally enjoy McDonald’s pickles. The lettuce and swiss cheese prevent the sandwich from getting too sour. The slice of swiss cheese is quite large. Melted inside. Unmelted edges sticking out.
    Neither variation of the Southwest Burger has been available here yet.

  7. Todd says:

    I have been enjoying the double southwest burgers for a while now. I like the taste better than the other “new” burgers.

  8. Daniel Fletcher says:

    They were testing this in Forrest City, Arkansas (An hour from Memphis) back at least as far as May 1st. I had the Southwest (Wasn’t too impressed) and the Dijon (Was alright). Still prefer the cheddar & onion burger with mayo, or a McChicken with ranch, red onion & pickle.

  9. Lancaster says:

    There’s an almost Taco Bell-ish character to this array of items – they all start with a traditional template (McChicken, regular hamburger), add just enough new ingredients to keep things interesting, while keeping things cheap. Seems like a good chance to spice up, and extract more revenue from, the Dollar Menu.

    Also, it’s funny how this doesn’t reek of desperation the way that Burger King’s recent splatter of products does. Part of it is surely because McDonald’s has acknowledged this as testing… but, despite slipping sales, they’re still secure and authoritative enough to roll out stuff like this and not lose consumer respect/mindshare. (Yes, we respect McDonald’s.) If this fizzles, we’ll just go back to their decades-old stable of standbys and wait for the next experiment, although the new McWrap and Egg White Delight seem to be doing very well.

  10. Ric says:

    The new Deluxe Quarter Pounders are “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” at most McDonald’s for the next 3 days only. 18th-20th.

  11. noshnosh says:

    Bummer. My mcdonalds adds the grilled onion to the McDouble now at no extra charge…now its going to cost me extra #FirstWorldProblems

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