McDonald’s Sweet Potato Pie Spotted in Chicago

The Chicago area is home to McDonald’s so it’s no surprise they get some products that haven’t made the national run just yet.  Spotted by GrubGrade reader and The Nosh Show listener Brad… some of us have Pumpkin Pie at McDonald’s and Brad came across Sweet Potato Pie in Chicago.  We’ll keep you posted if there’s a potential wide release in the future.  Take a look:

McDonald's Sweet Potato Pie

6 comments on “McDonald’s Sweet Potato Pie Spotted in Chicago

  1. Matt says:

    Would like to post that I noticed that when I went into my local McD here in Winston Salem NC late last week they were offering these as well in this location.

    Just a heads up.

  2. Q says:

    They’re also being offered in the New York metro area so I would guess it’s a select markets-type of deal for now.

  3. Nerak says:

    I think these will be in the MA area as well. This morning I noticed a few news signs up on the drive-thru menu. This sign had a bright pink post-it note on it stating these would not be available until Friday.

  4. Peanut says:

    I ate this at a McDonald’s in the coal fields of West Virginia today… So, I don’t think it’s a big city thing. 😉 It wasn’t bad, except that the restaurant should have served it warmer.

  5. Mike says:

    Wow, all we have to eat at our coal mine is coal, well, sometimes a diamond if you’re lucky.

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