McDonald’s New Dollar Menu & More Starts November 4th

Starting on Monday, November 4th, McDonald’s rebranded Dollar Menu (which we discussed back in June) will hit restaurants nationwide.  The new menu will be called the Dollar Menu & More and will feature new styles of the classic McChicken such as the 350-calorie Buffalo Ranch McChicken for $1.00, and the 480-calorie Bacon Cheddar McChicken and 420-calorie Bacon Buffalo Ranch McChicken for $2.00 each.  So for the price of two Buffalo Ranch McChickens you can get one with bacon?

Dollar Menu & More McDonald'sOn the burger side, the test-market named Southwest Burger will now be called the BBQ Ranch Burger and it features barbeque ranch sauce, white cheddar, and tortilla strips.  The BBQ Ranch Burger will cost $1.00 and clock in at 350 calories.  Since the recently released Southwest Premium Chicken McWrap has habanero sauce, it’s obvious why the Southwest name had to change… now I’d like a BBQ Ranch Premium Chicken McWrap.  The not-so-new 460-calorie Bacon McDouble will be joining the new Dollar Menu & More family priced at $2.00.  Thanks to GrubGrade reader Tyler for the pics of the Dollar Menu & More getting a head-start in the Minneapolis area.

Dollar Menu & More BBQ Ranch

45 comments on “McDonald’s New Dollar Menu & More Starts November 4th

  1. Todd says:

    I have been enjoying the BBQ Ranch McDouble in South Carolina for quite a while. I hope they don’t stop the McDouble version. I’m not sure what price is listed on my menu but they have been charging me $1.00 for the double. First time I thought they made a mistake. Just as an aside…the burger looks nothing like the photo on the menu.

    • FA says:

      Not really news. Since when does actual food resemble that in ads? Mine are usually compressed and sloppily assembled. Still tasty, I must admit.

  2. Justin ST says:

    I like this, but McDonald’s needs to stop treating their McNuggets like they’re gold. People want $1.00 4 piece McNuggets!

    We know what they’re really made of. Give it up.

    • FA says:

      LOL. Yes, that’s definitely been a very popular order from what I’ve noticed. Now it looks like they’re making you buy $5 worth to get that kind of value. They should at least do 8 for $2.

    • TJ says:

      Not probably ever gonna happen again, at least nationally.. they have their novelty value and soccer moms will do anything to placate their kids. I don’t think my local McD’s ever offered a 4 piece outside of the $3 mini-meal, which is now $3.50 here. A six piece is $3.19 and the 10 piece is $4.09.. I hate it, makes me usually be cheap and go to Burger King or Jack in the Box unless I’m planning to share with a friend.

      • Janine says:

        The Chicken Tenders at BK have always been far tastier and have a better texture anyway. They feel like “real” tender juicy chicken meat, lightly and perfectly seasoned, whereas McNuggets feel like spongy soy filler in an oily breading and have no flavor. I’ve thought this since I was a kid.

  3. Riley Martin says:

    I’m interested in trying the new items, the $1 items mainly.
    Is the McDouble increasing in price to $1.29 nationally? If so that is a bummer.

    • FA says:

      You must not live in NY. We’ve long since blown past that price.

    • TJ says:

      The most surprising thing is that McChicken’s are still a buck at some places. As the others said, I’d be happy with a $1.29 price point.. that won’t even probably last very long

  4. Royal says:

    I read on a CNN article that both the McDouble and McChicken were jumping in price to 1.69. A McDouble and McChicken for 2.29 is still a solid enough deal. I seriously doubt that the Buffalo Ranch McChicken will be as good as the Hot & Spicy though, much like when Burger King stopped making a spicy chicken patty and switched over to a sauce.

    • FA says:

      McDouble is already $1.69 in most of NYC. I get it free with a purchase sometimes through deals. It’s a pretty good belly bomb. I don’t need the bacon to add even more calories.

    • Janine says:

      Shows what you know. The Buffalo Ranch McChicken is the best thing to happen to the dollar menu, like, ever. It’s delicious. Not perfect, but delicious. (Could use blue cheese dressing instead of ranch, but that’s splitting hairs.)

  5. Heidi says:

    Guess they figure they can make some dough off of those customers who just HAVE TO HAVE their bacon!

    • FA says:

      Exactly. There’s a limit to the amount of unhealthy food I shovel in daily. If I’m getting a McDouble to begin with, that’s generally a red flag on the bacon.

  6. Ray says:

    What is this BBQ ranch burger I see on the menu?

  7. M86 says:

    What is BBQ Ranch exactly? The two mixed together?

  8. A-Gar says:

    A McDouble hasn’t cost $1 in Washington State in years. It currently sells for $2.29 at most McDonald’s. I guess that’s what we get for having a higher minimum wage. I’d gladly pay $1.29 for a McDouble. Count yourselves lucky.

  9. Kenneth says:

    If I had a dollar every time a fast food place changed/re-introduced a dollar menu…

    • Food says:

      … you wouldn’t have enough money to buy anything good because the prices only go up with the new versions of the menu.

  10. rondoman says:

    I usually hit up McD’s once a week. The Mcdouble and McChicken are my goto sandwiches and they are both $1 here and havent changed. The old double cheeseburger with a second slice of cheese is $1.29. This is in Wisconsin btw.

  11. Rob says:

    It’s still a $1 for mcdoubles and mcchickens here in ft. Worth

  12. Will says:

    Are hash browns still two for $1 or is it now 1/$1 nationally?

  13. buster bunny says:

    I live in Seattle,Wa and the most I’ve seen for Mcdouble is 1.19. Maybe you mean the double cheeseburger that has been in the high dollar range for a while. I wish they’d bring back the 4 for $1 nuggets too, a few of these new offerings sound tasty. Pricing is really weird though.

    • A-Gar says:

      I live in Eastern Washington, and haven’t seen a McDouble below $2 in years. And I am fully aware of the difference between that and a Double Cheeseburger.

  14. Jonathan Wayne says:

    This actually looks interesting for once, this should do well.

  15. Peter in Santa Rosa says:

    Too bad about the McDouble going to $1.29 – it has been a really good value at a Buck. I suppose I will still buy ’em, but there is something really attractive about a Dollar price point.

  16. f me says:

    Nice menu. I have a Wendys and Mcdonalds a block away from me. Everything at Wendy’s is in the $2 range here. It seemed like less than 2 years ago you had tons of options at Wendys for $1. Between the two, I’d say that Micky D’s has had 98.96% of my business the past year. It’s a shame…used to love Wendys.

  17. Brad says:

    Welp, raising the price of the McDouble reduces the number of things I order there down to 3. Just get rid of it all if you’re so desperate, McD’s.

  18. TS says:

    Will have to see if the McDouble stays at $1 around here. I usually get a combination of mcdoubles, mchickens or side salads when I go. Don’t think I’ve bought anything at McD not on the dollar menu in years. If I’m paying 5+ for a meal I’d rather go to a local mom and pop shop for better/more food and prices.

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  20. Taya Brown says:

    My husband is a manager here and told me about the new menu. Tried the Bacon Cheddar Mc chicken with a side salad and balsamic to lessen the 480 calorie guilt trip. It was okay. Same empty bacon taste. The cheese was actually the star here. Idk about that BBQ Ranch burger but I’ll give it a shot. Plus the pricing is a bit weird. $1 for bacon and cheese on the Mc chicken but $1 for just bacon on the Mc double? I guess I should get both regular while they’re still a buck apiece.

  21. Luke says:

    I live in Northern NJ and it’s been a $1 here for mcchickens, mcdoubles, and 4 piece for as long as I can remember! You guys should come live here!

  22. f me says:

    Luke, Jersey Shore has killed your state. Nobody wants to live near those fools.

    Those 3 items aren’t the news here. They have always been $1 in most places. Mcdouble got bumped up to 1.19 with the new menu here.

    If you read the article they added a bunch of new items on the Dollar menu and more. Notably, the new bacon ranch McChicken for $1 which is very tasty. There also a few brand new $2 options.

    • FA says:

      Does anybody get McDoubles with black pepper on the bottom of patty? They really have a heavy hand with it. It can really zing your taste buds.

  23. Dj says:

    Does anyone have McGriddles for a dollar? Because in CA it’s over $2

    • FA says:

      Way >$2 in NY. It was never on the Dollar Menu, or even DM and More. Just as well. The fat/calories in those things can only be shed by athletes.

  24. Icedus says:

    I scoffed, SCOFFED at the idea of paying double for bacon on a McDouble when it debuted, but I finally took a spin the other day after the price gap narrowed a bit. The smoky bacon’s solid, but it kinda clashes with the ketchup/mustard setup. It seems like it’d go better on something barbecue-themed.

  25. Taya Brown says:

    @GrubGrade no the Dollar Menu and more started here in the Milwaukee area about a week prior to November 4th. My husband told me about the launch a few days before it happened. I tried the new Mc chicken the previous Friday which was November 1st. Just like many people say that they don’t have the Mcrib on their menus. It’s been in the metro area here since mid October. However, some McDonald’s area getting rid of the Mighty Wings because every other location has them now.

  26. Tim says:

    All because of wage hikes the only reason i ate their nasty food was cause it was a dolllar now it puts it in the same price rage as nice sit down mom pop restaurants wont be hitting mcds anymore good for me either way

  27. james42519 says:

    i wish could get the bbq ranch on the chicken sandwich. they charge extra to get the bbq ranch instead of the buffalo ranch though.

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