McDonald’s Fish McBites Going Nationwide on February 12th

It’s been a long process, but McDonald’s Fish McBites are finally going nationwide on Tuesday, February 12th.  Fat Tuesday is the day you can get a hold of the bite-sized fish nuggets to possibly accompany your love of the Filet-O-Fish (which surely should see some regional deals for the season of Lent).  First there was Chicken McBites, now Fish McBites, next… McRib Bites?Fish McBites 2

8 comments on “McDonald’s Fish McBites Going Nationwide on February 12th

  1. Chris says:

    My McDonald’s started selling them today, they are actually pretty good. I didn’t try them with the tarter dipping sauce, but the batter is different from the filet fish which is a good thing.

  2. Sascha says:

    Rally’s/Checker’s is already selling their fish bites (at least mine is) and they are great, probably better than Mickey D’s judging by how much better their chicken bites are. Will definitely have to try the McD’s version for comparison though.

  3. My god, McDonald’s is on a quest to sell every damn item on their menu. I would hate to be one of their franchisees right now. If you are not ripping up your store every few years, you have to keep massive inventory on hand all the time and machines etc etc. You would almost be better off selling your restaurant and buying 4 Five Guys instead.

    • Ronnie says:

      I would rather have 1 McD than 4 five guys. 1. Five guys suck 2. They don’t do near the sales McD does and 3. Their profits are nowhere near McD.

      McD cash flows are thru the roof the last few years and no slowing in sight.

  4. Ray180 says:

    Awesome… Can’t wait to try them! I expect my experience to parallel that of the spicy chicken McBite: become instantly convinced they’re the best thing ever at McD’s, overindulge for a week and a half, avoid at all costs for a month due to overindulgence, realize they’re gone once I finally want some again.

  5. Lancaster says:

    I can’t believe the name “McBites” made it past vetting. It’s just tooooo easy.

  6. Satyr says:

    I was able to find these last night (in Memphis) Me and the family tried a shareable pack, and they are actually pretty good. The breading and seasoning is good, and it doesn’t taste fishy at all. They are probably about the size of a larger dice cube. They do offer tartar sauce with them, but I think the sweet chili or sweet and sour would go good as well.They seem to be a hit with the kid, so it will probably be a repeat buy until they decide to take it away.

  7. I have a video review of Fish McBites on YouTube.

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