Hut Lovers Deal from Pizza Hut

Through April 6th, Pizza Hut is promoting its Hut Lovers Deal.  It’s a carryout deal where you get any large 2-topping pizza for $7.99.  You can upgrade to a specialty pizza for 2 dollars more.  What two toppings would you choose?Hut Lovers Deal from Pizza Hut

5 comments on “Hut Lovers Deal from Pizza Hut

  1. DK says:

    Well…Pizza Hut is dumb, seems like they’ve been going down hill while Domino’s and Papa Johns keep rising.

    Pizza Hut been having the large $10 special any toppings/specialty carry out for over a year now… This is no difference am I wrong???!

    • TJ says:

      I think you’re wrong if you want a pizza with 2 toppings or less.. As for specialties, I agree that’s it silly marketing to even bring it up with this deal, but I think the main point here is for the $7.99 deal.

  2. Anne Sutton says:

    Um….I would choose cheese and cheese as my two toppings because Pizza Hut has gone downhill over the years. The pizzas I have received NEVER have enough cheese on them!!!

  3. Ken says:

    Just tried to order online. I selected 2 toppings and had the pizza priced at $7.99. Then requested light sauce. Price jumped to $9.99. Better pay close attention to your order.

  4. S graham says:

    I ordered 7 piczzas on the 6th and ended up paying $67. Thereceipt had $11 per pizza and then discounted $15. They cheated me out of about $9.

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