Garlic Pepper Wicked Chicken is Back at Popeyes

Last summer, Popeyes introduced a new flavor of Wicked Chicken with the debut of Garlic Pepper Wicked Chicken and it’s back for round 2.  Garlic Pepper Wicked Chicken features thin strips of chicken breast marinated in roasted garlic and cracked pepper.  The $3.99 combo is served with Cajun fries, a buttermilk biscuit, garlic parmesan dipping sauce and a mini bottle of TABASCO sauce.Garlic Pepper Wicked Chicken

One comment on “Garlic Pepper Wicked Chicken is Back at Popeyes

  1. JF says:

    These are really good and will get them again over the weekend. I did like the sauce, although don’t recall if the last time (and they don’t seem to indicate on their website) that they still include the little bottle of tabasco. That doesn’t matter to me as I am not a tabasco fan.

    But on a related note, I saw the same small bottles in 4 packs at Cost Plus World Market (which I am sure is regional) but in case anyone was looking for the same.

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