Free Orange Chicken from 9pm to Close at Panda Express

To celebrate new summer hours at Panda Express, get a free single serving entree of Orange Chicken from 9pm to close on Friday, May 31st.  Most Panda Express locations typically close at 10pm during summer hours so you’ve got a one hour window to get some free grub.  Here’s the coupon below or just show the image from your mobile device.Panda Express Free Orange Chicken Summer Hours

3 comments on “Free Orange Chicken from 9pm to Close at Panda Express

  1. Lancaster says:

    Would love to take advantage of this! But Panda Express, like Hardee’s, Steak & Shake, Fazoli’s, White Castle, Jimmy John’s, and so many other chains, is almost nonexistent in Connecticut. 🙁

  2. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Most BS coupon ever and a waste of time and insult to customers. Most Panda Expresses including the one in my town are in the mall, which happens to conveniently close at 9pm.

    • Jill Tri says:

      Most certainly not BS, All the Panda Express’ in Florida are stand alones and I’m happy to redeem my free orange chicken in 15 minutes. No need to be such a sore sport for a $3 item!

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