FebruAny Five Dollar Footlong Deal Returns to Subway

Time to capitalize on the shortest month of the year with Subway’s FebruAny promotion.  It originally started out as the “any Five Dollar Footlong” promotion right?  Well times change and the sign makes mention of “Regular Footlongs” and “Special Footlongs”.  So an extra buck will get you something special I guess.  FebruAny starts this Friday.FebruAny Subway

13 comments on “FebruAny Five Dollar Footlong Deal Returns to Subway

  1. john d says:

    hmm I always thought the buffalo chicken was a “regular” but now its a “premium”?

    • Scrape says:

      I hadn’t been to a Subway in a long time (much better sub places ’round here) and I was shocked to see how they have rearranged their menu and how much their prices went up. I think there are only one or two “regular” subs anymore. The rest are specials. Were talkin turkey here, and tuna, and the BMT, and Spicy Italian. How is a turkey sub “special?” You are only really saving around $.50 now anyway. So not worth it.

      • Maegan says:

        I agree. I went a couple of months without stopping by Subway for lunch, and when I stopped in last week I couldn’t believe there were only a few ‘regular,’ $5 sandwiches. To me, it’s just not worth it to stop again.

  2. With the issues they are having this month, they should have ANY 11 inch sub at $5, hell maybe even $4. lol
    They are mostly selling bread and veggies anyway.

  3. Roger C. says:

    I wouldn’t want to own a Subway. Unless they revamp the whole franchise, they could be doomed in years. Better sub places are kicking their butt and growing by the day.

  4. PeterM says:

    To me, Subway is a destination only when they have a value program going. I would typically go for the “2 for $5 each after 6PM” special twice or three times a month. All of a sudden my two $10 sandwiches became $13.65 – it just was not a great deal anymore for a minimalist sandwich.

    I will be back in February. I can afford the extra money, but the quality or quantity do not support the regular price IMHO.

  5. Old Fogey Paul says:

    Subway is a tough sell, I can’t see myself paying the cost of a typical footlong combo… the value just ins’t there. Why would you pay for inferior meat and cheese at inflated prices when you can just make a superior sandwhich yourself at a much better price…. sandwhiches shouldn’t cost what they do especially when most of the sandwhiches at subway are average at best.

  6. Griff says:

    January special was chipotle chicken…. I ordered that foot long minus the chipotle sauce and asked for extra hot sauce and ranch plus veggies…. As I stared the Buffalo Chicken premium sub on their menu for 7.50? I saved 2 bucks on the same thing….. Laughable

  7. Griff says:

    Subway in New england will perish… We have Di Angeles… Steak and cheeses freshly cooked with real soft white bread

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  9. Ahhh! I love this promotion! I love their $5 footlongs!

  10. This is my most favorite restaurant special ever!

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