Featured $5 Footlong for July at Subway: Western Egg & Cheese

The Western Egg & Cheese is the Featured $5 Footlong for the month of July at Subway.  Meanwhile the $4 Lunch is still being advertised.  Any fans of the Western Egg & Cheese?

It’s fresh toasted with Black Forest Ham, peppers, onions, and melty cheese on tasty flatbread, and available all day this July only!

Western Egg Cheese Subway


6 comments on “Featured $5 Footlong for July at Subway: Western Egg & Cheese

  1. Matt says:

    Love Subway, but every Featured $5 Footlong in recent memory has been really lame. I don’t do Subway for breakfast, so I won’t be enjoying that footlong this month. How about something different Subway?

  2. RonP says:

    I had this today was pretty disappointed especially with the eggs and ham. The ham fell apart in my mouth like it was not sliced from a pig but assembled from a bunch of small pieces and glued together. The egg tasted warm (not really flavored) and was rubbery. It tasted like they were precooked somewhere else, frozen, shipped to subway and microwaved. It just struck me as being very processed.

    • Matt says:

      Ron, is this the first time you’ve ever eaten at Subway ?

    • sara says:

      Eggs are precooked and frozen, though I think the black forest ham is made from pigs unlike the high fat turkey (pig free) pork in the cold cut combo. Subway eggs are just nasty. Subway has gotten to use really low quality stuff in the last few years.

  3. Daisy G says:

    I prefer Jimmy Johns over Subway any day! But subway is walking distance from my office so I went got my usual Chicken breast on honey oat, has anyone else tried their creamy sriracha sauce?? It is actually pretty awesome! They don’t show it on their commercials but it’s definitely worthy!

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