Enjoy a Taco with a Bacon Shell at West Michigan Whitecaps Games

Crazy food can definitely be an extra push to draw me in to a minor league ballpark.  Are you ready for Baco?  It’s the taco with a bacon shell.  From The Detroit News: “Those who come to see the West Michigan Whitecaps play will have the opportunity to chow down on a Baco, a taco with a specially made bacon shell.  The Baco was the top vote-getter in the fourth annual Whitecaps food contest, which determines Fifth Third Ballpark’s next culinary delight.”
Bacon Shell Taco BacoBaco, a taco in a bacon shell, won the Michigan Whitecaps minor league baseball team’s fourth annual food contest. (Emily Zoladz | Mlive.com)

8 comments on “Enjoy a Taco with a Bacon Shell at West Michigan Whitecaps Games

  1. Justin H says:

    Is it pronounced Bayco or Bocko?

    • Ryan says:

      I’d think bay-co

      • Alex K. says:

        I’d think ba-co, since it’s bacon trying to be a taco. If it were a taco being bacon (however that would work), I think it’d be bay-co. It works both ways though, really. It’s not really a taco though. From what I see, it’s a BLT in taco form.

  2. Chefprotoss says:

    Sounds great, but the bacon looks pretty limp for this application.

  3. […] Its a taco. You know with cheese and lattuce and tomato…and a shall made out of bacon. Yes, bacon. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Here’s just one of the national news stories I have seen in the last 24 hours about the Baco. From Grubgrade.com “Enjoy a Taco with a Bacon Shell at West Michigan Whitecaps Games” […]

  4. Jay says:

    I love bacon as much as the next guy but that taco needs a good roll and a little mayo.

  5. shthar says:

    I seem to have arrived at the ‘this is why you’re fat’ website by mistake.

  6. Jonathan Wayne says:

    This looks half disgusting, half awesome. This should only be consumed if you are drunk.

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