Dunkin’ Donuts Adds Pretzel Roll Roast Beef Sandwich and Southern Style Chicken Biscuit

Wendy’s did it, Sonic did it…. the year of the pretzel bun continues with Dunkin’ Donuts and the new Pretzel Roll Roast Beef Sandwich. The sandwich features a warm pretzel roll with roast beef, white cheddar cheese and Dijon sauce. The pretzel roll will also be an option on any Dunkin’ Donuts Bakery Sandwich.  Available for a limited time only at participating Dunkin’ Donuts locations.  So what do you think of the continued trend of the pretzel bun?

Pretzel Roll Roast Beef Sandwich Dunkin DonutsAlso for a limited time, Dunkin’ is promoting its Southern Style Chicken Biscuit.  I’ve encountered this menu item within the last year or so in various limited time runs, but have yet to break away from the Chick-fil-A version.

Dunkin Donuts Chicken BiscuitDunkin’ Donuts is also introducing a new addition to its caramel coffees with Caramel Coconut Iced Coffee.  Available in both Hot and Iced, Dunkin’ Donuts’ other caramel coffee flavors include: new Caramel Turtle and Caramel Almond, (available for a limited time) and menu favorites Caramel Mocha and Caramel Swirl.

8 comments on “Dunkin’ Donuts Adds Pretzel Roll Roast Beef Sandwich and Southern Style Chicken Biscuit

  1. Manavee says:

    Must be a regional thing because in the Dunkin Donuts in the Chicagoland area they just rolled out something called “Dunkin Dogs.” They’re hot dogs inside a roll, as far as I can tell.

  2. Raiders757 says:

    Honestly, I can’t believe it took this long to catch on. Bring on the pretzel rolls!!!!!

    I forgot if I mentioned this here before, but one of my local WaWa stores are offering pretzel bun sandwiches in the pre-made section. Black Forest Ham being one them.

  3. Ral says:

    I’ve tried the Wendy’s pretzel burger and the Sonic pretzel hot dog and each time I’m left with the feeling that it was just something more expensive that vaguely resembles a pretzel yet doesn’t taste like a pretzel. This is a very disappointing trend. I should have never taken that year exchange program to Germany in college, so my current predicament would be easier, having possibly never tasted real pretzels.

    So, I want sloppy fast food, not fake pretzels. Hell, I don’t even want real food when I want fast food. Taco Bell needs to stop trying to make real food, because I’m having none of that, partner. I want sloppy, nasty Taco Bell when I want Taco Bell.

  4. kevin d says:

    Had the pretzel roll with my veggie egg whites from d and d…..not bad I guess. The bread seemed fine, and was a bit chewier than their standard offerings. I would not hesitate to order it again.

  5. Kenneth says:

    Maybe it’s because I haven’t tried any of these pretzel items, but for the life of me, I just don’t understand the gimmick here. These items got enough salty flavor without a pretzel bun as is.

    On a different note, I just tried the Caramel Almond Iced Coffee and was very pleased. Probably gonna give the Caramel Mocha one a go tonight.

  6. Balls Mahoney says:

    Agree with Raiders, bring on the pretzel buns. Where are you McDonald’s and BK? Interested to try the Dunkin’ version but I rarely go to there.

  7. IowaGal82 says:

    Ugh, I hate this trend. Get rid of them. I tried a pretzel bun/hamburger combo a year back and I disliked the sweetness of the pretzel bread with the meat.

  8. Alek says:

    Tried the pretzel roll and it is tasty! Really good.

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