Domino’s Dollars Starts Today

Starting today at Domino’s, a 12-day promotion called Domino’s Dollars will be sure to make your wallet happy.  Has anyone tried the Domino’s ordering app?  Works like a charm.  Check out the details on Domino’s Dollars:

Customers who order the fan-favorite two medium two-topping pizzas for $5.99 each value offer – via digital ordering, including online, mobile browser and phone apps – will receive $5 in Domino’s Dollars to be used towards their next online order within 10 days of receipt. The Domino’s Dollars will arrive via email promo code – an unprecedented method new to Domino’s.

Dominos Dollars

10 comments on “Domino’s Dollars Starts Today

  1. Matt says:

    Am I reading this right? Your $5 is only valid for 10 days after your order? Who orders dominos that much?!

    • MP says:

      It sounds like an exercise in addiction. Tho coupons work the same way. Wendy’s receipt coupons are only good for 14 days.

    • TJ says:

      I think that’s why this is good marketing… many people will probably forget to use their Domino’s Dollars in time. At the price Domino’s is charging though, I still think it’s a pretty good deal.

  2. rummble says:

    Not so great as there’s 2 Domino’s in my area and according to there web site I can’t use the online ordering from either.

    The one that’s closest to me is almost right next to a PaPa John’s that does delivery to me and I’ve also seen deliveries from Domino’s to my apartment complex. However I still can’t use either the phone app or the web site to make a online order cause it says there’s no locations in my area for delivery. I’ve even contacted them on this and just got some stupid excuse.

  3. ChrisSh says:

    So it’s basically 2 two topping medium pizzas for $6.98 (that must be purchased on different dates)? Not a bad deal I guess, I can usually get 2 1/2 meals out of a medium pizza, so that’s 5 meals for less than $7.

  4. tehbull says:

    yeah, while maybe not the healthiest lift choice you could make, this looks like a pretty decent deal that someone could survive off of. I could see broke hungry college kids taking advantage of this weekly.

  5. peter cole says:

    I’d rather pay twice as much and get a REAL pizza.

  6. T.J. says:

    In terms of pure volume a pretty good deal, although if going just by that I’ll get the $5 pizza from Jerry’s in VA.

  7. maxchain says:

    Well, they’re trying, I’ll give them that. I’d say this makes up for when I joined their own email dealy expecting Papa John’s-level deals, only to get an ad for that pan pizza special you can just get on the website anytime.

  8. Dominos new pizzas are pretty damn good I would say, the best of the chain pizzas right now IMO. This deal sounds very good.

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