Denny’s Baconalia Returns Today!

The folks at Denny’s seem to have found their niche. While other chains struggle to keep an identity, Denny’s said, “Screw it! Let’s give the people what they want… a bacon celebration!” Baconalia returns today, and Denny’s was nice enough to invite me down to their South Carolina headquarters to sample the menu.Denny's HeadquartersDenny’s preempts their Baconalia menu with this statement: “Bacon is the star of every dish it appears in. Bacon owns breakfast, leads the way at lunch and absolutely dominates dinner. Bacon even steals the show at dessert. That’s why we’re celebrating man’s most delicious indulgence with our sizzling new bacon-bountiful creations.”Denny's BaconaliaBefore I give my first impressions, let’s see what the menu has to offer.

The Ultimate BLT: This BLT lives up to its name. Made with four strips of pepper bacon, spring mix, sliced tomatoes and fresh avocado. Topped with a creamy pepper spread on toasted sourdough bread. Served with a side of our wavy-cut French fries. $6.99BLT Avocado Denny'sNew! Caramel Bacon Stuffed French Toast: A breakfast favorite gets a bacon upgrade with a sweet and savory layer of bacon and white chocolate spread between two thick slices of our fabulous French toast. Then we top it off with caramel sauce and diced bacon. Served with two eggs cooked to order, two hickory-smoked bacon strips and a side of warm syrup. $7.99Bacon French Toast Denny'sPepper Bacon & Eggs: Bacon rubbed with black pepper makes your favorite meal even better. Served with two eggs cooked to order, hash browns and choice of bread. $5.49Pepper Bacon Eggs Denny'sSpicy Pepper Bacon Jack Burger: A hand pressed beef patty topped with two crispy strips of pepper bacon, melted Pepper Jack cheese, sliced jalapenos and chipotle sauce. Served with a side of our wavy-cut French fries.  $7.99Spicy Pepper Bacon Jack BurgerUltimate Bacon Breakfast: There’s a side of bacon and then there’s a Baconalia side of bacon. Enjoy six savory strips of our classic hickory-smoked bacon. Served with two eggs cooked to order, crispy hash browns and choice of bread. $6.99Ultimate Bacon Breakfast Denny'sNew! Pepper Bacon Avocado Omelette: Another bacon inspired dream come true. Three egg omelette with diced pepper bacon, fresh avocado, fire roasted peppers and onions, mushrooms, melted American cheese and pico de gallo. Served woth hash browns amd your choice of bread. $7.99Pepper Bacon Avocado Omellete Denny'sNew! Pepper Bacon Jack Tilapia: Bacon tops everything. Our seasoned tilapia grilled and topped with fresh spinach sauteed with diced bacon and pico de gallo. Smothered with warm Pepper Jack cheese sauce and served with your choice of two sides and dinner bread. $8.99Tilapia Bacon Denny'sNew! BBQ Bacon Mac ‘N Cheese Bites: Generous bits of bacon are added into six golden-fried macaroni and cheese bites. Served with BBQ sauce and a side of warm Pepper Jack cheese sauce topped with bacon. $4.59BBQ Bacon Mac Cheese Bites Denny'sNew! Maple Bacon Milk Shake: Taking milk shakes to new and more bacon-y heights. Our thick, hand-dipped milk shake is a delicious blend of premium vanilla ice cream, maple-flavored syrup, diced bacon and topped with whipped cream. $3.69Bacon Shake Denny'sNew! Salted Caramel Brownie With Bacon: We warm a sweet and savory salted caramel brownie and top it with a scoop of premium vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and diced bacon. $3.69Salted Caramel Brownie Sundae Bacon Denny'sMaple Bacon Sundae: We start with maple-flavored syrup and a scoop of rich, premium vanilla ice cream and then add a generous sprinkle of our diced hickory-smoked bacon. Add another sweet layer of syrup and ice cream topped with more, you guessed it, bacon and a drizzle of syrup. $2.99Maple Bacon Sundae Denny'sI really have to give Denny’s credit for bringing back Baconalia. They received quite a bit of scrutiny during the first run, but it didn’t phase them. Denny’s even did what a lot of companies wouldn’t do, and praised the South Park episode parody-ing the first Baconalia.

Denny’s knows what they’re serving is fun and gluttonous, and they don’t take themselves any more seriously than they have to. That wins major points in my book. Is the new Baconalia menu a hit? For the most part, I think it’s great. While the Tilapia and Mac ‘N Cheese Bites flopped, everything else ranged from solid to awesome. The Spicy Pepper Bacon Jack Burger (it seems as if the menu has two words backwards) was the highlight of the show. The burger was actually spicy, packed with flavor and the pepper bacon was heavenly. Couple that with a Maple Bacon Milk Shake, and you have the perfect old-school diner meal capped off with a delicious crown of bacon. The BLT and Omelette were great, but the avocado stole the show in both cases. For $0.99 you can add two slices of bacon to just about anything. Be sure to ask for the pepper bacon as it’s some of the best in its class, while the hickory-smoked is just par for the course. I highly encourage adding a few bacon slices to the Super Bird if for some reason you decide to order off the regular menu. Denny's Baconalia part 2My only real complaint was that the Baconalia menu seemed a little less risky this time. I was hoping to see maybe bacon coffee or battered bacon fries, but alas, I will have to wait for another Baconalia to see how crazy the menu could get. If you’re not already on your way to check out the bacon party, what do you think of the new menu? What silly bacon dishes would you like to see in the future?

12 comments on “Denny’s Baconalia Returns Today!

  1. Nick Rovo says:

    Might have to try the desserts for a future review.

  2. Raposin says:

    I don’t know if some of that stuff sounds good or not. Bacon and dessert? To me that doesn’t sound like it would go well together.

  3. Anne Sutton says:

    Prosciutto is a natural in many Italian dishes, and bacon is an easy substitute. I would like to see more Italian dishes served with bacon in them. We never see many pasta dishes from Denny’s. There are always an abundance of sandwiches and meat-based platters.

  4. Sharlette says:

    I’m sitting here with my mouth hanging wide open….not sure if it’s drooling or if I’m in shock……maple bacon sundae???!!!! Not sure if it sounds sickeningly overwhelming or heavenly. I’d certainly be all forgiving it a try though. 🙂

  5. Murray says:

    Don’t knock it ’till you try it. Last year, I covered this event for GG and the Maple Bacon Sundae was the best thing on the menu. I think CPT should give the milk shake a go.

    • Mike N. says:

      Took me a minute to figure out what CPT meant! I’d like to see a real-world burger test (I’m assuming Ryan tried the dishes in a controlled environment at HQ.) I’ve had bad luck with burgers at Denny’s in terms of having them arrive to the table cold or over-cooked.

    • Chefprotoss says:

      The shake was awesome. A great value too for the price. It was my favorite of the desserts by far.

  6. M86 says:

    Awww, the tilapia one sucked? That was the one that actually sounded good. Oh well…

    • Chefprotoss says:

      The fish itself was great, but me and the other bloggers that were there pretty much agreed that the raw spinach and queso-dip topping was a fail. I think bacon wrapped tilapia would have made more sense.

  7. Ric says:

    Went today and tried the bacon jack burger. Wasn’t too impressed with it, but I shouldn’t be surprised I’ve never been a fan of Denny’s burgers. I do appreciate their breakfast though, my daughter got the bacon caramel french toast and I tried it…… damn it was fantastic! The caramel, bacon, and white chocolate compliminted each other very well. The only thing I would say as a negative is there was too much chocolate sauce on it, but that is easily fixed.

  8. Meena says:

    My cohorts adore the shake, but I actually kept going back for the brownie. Dear sweet gods of bacon. Thank you for bestowing your delightful creation upon my brownie loving face and in and around my mouth. I’m a bad jew. God bless bacon.

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