Chick-fil-A Testing Maple Waffle, It’s Basically a Waffle Waffle

I was happy to track down a Chick-fil-A south of Philly that was testing a bunch of new Chick-fil-A breakfast items recently.  What I took away from the experience is that I really like their new Maple Waffle.  It’s a sweet Belgian-style waffle with a caramelized sugar crunch and maple syrup baked inside.

Maple Waffle Chick-fil-ASo a few days later I’m in the grocery store and see a pile of Waffle Waffle products.  It’s pretty much the exact same thing.   Are the Waffle Waffle guys behind the Chick-fil-A Maple Waffle?  These products are way too similar to be coincidence.

Waffle Waffle

5 comments on “Chick-fil-A Testing Maple Waffle, It’s Basically a Waffle Waffle

  1. Brad says:

    where was this chick-fil-a? i want waffles

  2. Shirosynth says:

    Waffle + chicken + waffle = the next big fast food item?

  3. […] & Waffle isn’t really entirely new considering the original test products included the Maple Waffle… so now they are just pairing it with breakfast portion of their hand-breaded chicken. […]

  4. […] Chicken and waffles is (arguably) a popular Southern dish. Chick-fil-A serves chicken, and it’stested waffles before. Now, at long last, the chain brings the two together in a chicken-and-waffles test that is […]

  5. Sean says:

    Chick-fil-A should use an authentic Liege waffle dough from The Belgian Kitchen. Waffle Waffle makes a poor substitute by using the wrong sugar. Their little sugar sprinkles don’t even melt. Authentic Liege waffles use Belgian pearl sugar that is made from beets. This sugar melts at a low temp and caramelizes on the waffle similar to creme brulee. It’s the same type of waffle sold by Wafels and Dinges (they beat Bobby Flay on his Throwdown show).

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