Checkers $1.99 Philly Cheesesteak Sub is Back

From the streets of Philadelphia eh?  What’s with the Swiss?  The Philly Cheesesteak Sub is back at Checkers.  The sub features tender, thin-cut steak, melted Swiss and grilled onions, and served on a toasted roll.   No matter what your definition of authentic Philly cheesesteak might be, it’s still just $1.99.

Checkers Philly Steak

15 comments on “Checkers $1.99 Philly Cheesesteak Sub is Back

  1. Dave says:

    Only $2?? I WANT!!!

  2. CulinaryZerg says:

    A John Kerry “cheesesteak”? SMH.

  3. BigBelly says:

    for the price, it looks decent enough
    I’d try a couple, but the closet one is 125 miles away LOL

  4. Bubbsy says:

    Their grilled onions are good, sweet. This and a side of fries would be a great $3 snack. Yes the beef is cheap but edible, but the roll and onions really make this a good value for a cheap and tasty treat… and of course the fries are special. I defy anyone to find a tastier value than $3 for this sandwich and Checkers fries. I mean you could get a Chalupa and a Caramel Empanada, or a McDouble and a McChicken and a Value Fry, or a Wendy’s Jr Bacon and Chx Nuggets… $3.

  5. FA says:

    Hey, the price is right! Will try next time I’m near a store. Closest is 10 miles away.

  6. Mike N. says:

    So are they not putting mayo on it anymore?! That would be a small victory.

  7. JayLovesFood says:

    Man that looks tempting but I’m staying far away from checkers food. Way too many people I know got sick from their food. I guess never buy food from checkers when they got the food prep hidden from you. Lol.

    • Bmgfl says:

      I agree jay! Last time I went to checkers the cashier grabbed my cash, handed me my drink, and went back and was making sandwiches, never washed hands and no gloves! Let’s just say I pulled off with just my drink!

  8. Jonathan Wayne says:

    It is a very good sandwich and it is pretty large. Very good value for the money.

  9. CB says:

    Had this and the lil philly and they are both pretty bad. The meat is chewy but what do u expect for $1 or $2.

  10. Icedus says:

    Uh-uh. Fool me twice with that Rally’s cheesesteak, shame on me.

  11. […] has a love affair with the Philly Cheesesteak.  They’ve brought their version of the Philly Cheesesteak Sub for limited time promotions twice already this year and back in August the Lil’ Philly had […]

  12. Mandy says:

    please keep them all the all the time love them!!!!!!!!!

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