Butterfly Shrimp is Back at Popeyes, New Strawberry ‘N Cream Cheese Pie Now Available

The Butterfly Shrimp Tackle Box from Popeyes is back for a limited time only.  $4.99 gets you eight shrimp, a side, biscuit and cocktail dipping sauce.  I like the original a lot, but what about bringing back the Zatarain’s version Popeyes?Popeyes ShrimpTo go along with the return of Butterfly Shrimp, Popeyes has introduced a newcomer to the dessert menu in the form of a Strawberry ‘N Cream Cheese Pie.  Popeyes isn’t known for their desserts, but I tried the Blackberry Pie with cream cheese at last years test kitchen visit and it was pretty good.  Hard to go wrong with sugar, berries and sweet cream cheese.Popeyes Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie

3 comments on “Butterfly Shrimp is Back at Popeyes, New Strawberry ‘N Cream Cheese Pie Now Available

  1. Don D. says:

    I’m getting popeyes for lunch tmrw. 5 piece spicy (breast,2 wings, thigh and drumstick) chicken, mashed potatoes w gravy, maybe a small coleslaw and a biscuit with strawberry jelly. Might consider the cream cheese pie but I do NOT recommend popeyes shrimp! They are dry, small, have the texture of smooshy beef jerkey (eww) and the chicken specials taste better and give you a lot of food for like $5. French fries are pretty good but kfc potato wedges are more unique. Wish popeyes had corn on the cob, cornbread, a good baked Mac and cheese and better shrimp!

  2. Ray180 says:

    Love that chicken… err, shrimp… from Popeyes

  3. roxxybox says:

    my local Popeyes always had the Butterfly Shrimp tackle box. this is not new here.

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