Baskin-Robbins Flavor of the Month for January is Movie Theater Popcorn

Now here’s something interesting in the world of ice cream… the Flavor of the Month for January 2014 at Baskin-Robbins is Movie Theater Popcorn.  Movie Theater Popcorn features “popcorn-flavored ice cream swirled with a caramel ribbon and crunchy popcorn-flavored clusters.”

Movie Theatre Popcorn Ice Cream Baskin Robbins

10 comments on “Baskin-Robbins Flavor of the Month for January is Movie Theater Popcorn

  1. Sophia says:

    That is just wrong. I like ice cream, and I like popcorn, but I do not want them to be together.

  2. alek says:

    That is something exciting for me to try. Can’t wait to try it if there is a coupon coming out.

  3. Pilar says:

    I bet this taste soo good!!!

  4. Joe Cool says:

    Easily the worst idea I’ve ever heard of. Fact.

    • BigBelly says:

      sounds pretty awesome to me. Corn is sweet, it lends itself very well to ice cream, you see it on Iron Chef quite often, but what do they know…

      • Joe Cool says:

        Iron Chef…of course…it is kinda pretentious in that way. Can’t wait to get ice cream flavored popcorn at the next movie I go to.

  5. MR. Gnarly says:

    This looks awesome!

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  7. DoNotWant says:

    THE worst thing I have ever tasted. While it DID taste like buttered is NOT something that translates well into ice cream. Ugh, just no.

  8. Kathryn says:

    Just tried a sample; just because it sounded interesting and the guy asked me to try something as my kids were getting sundaes…Honestly, to my surprise it was so yummy ….

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