Arby’s Reuben Sandwich and the Reubenville Challenge

Mmmm the Reuben… “It all starts with freshly carved corned beef, which is then carefully topped off with melted Swiss cheese, tangy sauerkraut, creamy Thousand Island dressing and served on toasty marble rye bread, just for you.”Arby's Reuben

Arby’s is celebrating the Reuben sandwich with a promotion that can score your city free sandwiches.  “Reubenville” details:

March is all about the Reuben sandwich for Arby’s and they are celebrating with a challenge for Reuben-loving cities, plus a deal for fans nationwide. Arby’s is rewarding the first U.S. city that renames itself “Reubenville” for the month of March with free Reuben sandwiches, and ensuring that even if the challenge cannot be met, anyone can enjoy Reubens thanks to Arby’s buy one, get one free deal on the Classic Reuben sandwich from March 15-17, 2013.

6 comments on “Arby’s Reuben Sandwich and the Reubenville Challenge

  1. Larry says:

    I wish they used better bread but overall it is a decent sandwich. I just finished buying all my ingredients to make some great Reuben’s from scratch including making fresh rye bread…next weekend is Reuben time!

  2. T.J. says:

    Anybody can enjoy Paul Reubens too, but don’t sit in front of him at a movie theater!

  3. Ray180 says:

    I can’t stand rye bread but I love Reubens. Give me one on sourdough and I’m good.

  4. Gilly says:

    Marketing people are so disconnected from the real world.

  5. MP says:

    Never had one. Honestly it does not sound very appealing to me at all. Many years ago I had the Market Fresh Roast Beef and Swiss on rye & it was amazing. Too bad it didn’t last long.

  6. LGM says:

    The commercials are really enticing. I was definitely sucked in. I finally gave in and got one tonight. Sorry to say it was bland and left MUCH to be desired as far as a Reuben goes. Mine was purchased at the Papermill Road Arbys here in Knoxville, TN. The curly fries were the best I’ve ever had and the Jamoca shake was delicious. I didn’t even eat the entire Reuben. If it had Swiss cheese on it, I sure couldn’t find it. And the kraut was so bland, it barely made a presence. There was not enough dressing on the sandwich to even make itself known – on top of bland grizzly corned beef. The bread was stale, didn’t taste like rye bread at all. I only ate half of the sandwich. After the build up of those commercials I was really let down. Sorry to have to report this, since I am a fan of Arbys.

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