50% Off Online Menu-Priced Pizza at Domino’s

This week is Global Pizza Week and Domino’s is celebrating with a 50% off pizza deal.  The 50% off promotion is valid on online menu-priced pizza.  Promo valid through Sunday, December 8th.

Domino's Pan Pizza 2

4 comments on “50% Off Online Menu-Priced Pizza at Domino’s

  1. Steven L. says:

    This is Global Domino’s Week, according to Domino’s own press release. I’m not sure there is a Global Pizza Week.

  2. Because_racecar says:

    I think Steven is right. The way they made that ad was so it fully reads “Celebrate Dominos Global Pizza Week”
    This is kind of like PetSmart versus PetsMart

  3. […] Didn’t we just go through this?  I’m not complaining.  Menu-priced pizza is half off at Domino’s when you order online now through Sunday, January 19th. […]

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