3 of a Kind for $3.99 at Popeyes and the Return of the Southern Peach Pie

For a limited time at Popeyes, you can grab the new 3 of a Kind meal.  The 3 of a Kind promo consists of your choice of 3 Whole Wings, 3 Tenders or a Leg, Wing, Thigh combo for $3.99.  A buttermilk biscuit is also included.Popeyes 3 of a kindTo go along with the 3 of a Kind promotion, Popeyes has brought back the Southern Peach Pie just in time for the upcoming summer months.  The Southern Peach Pie features pie crust filled with real peach pieces enriched with hints of nutmeg and cinnamon.Peach Pie Popeyes

11 comments on “3 of a Kind for $3.99 at Popeyes and the Return of the Southern Peach Pie

  1. Jay says:

    My local Popeyes offers some regular daily specials. One of them is 4 chicken biscuits which consists of 4 biscuits with a spicy strip on each for $5.00

  2. Roger C. says:

    Not really a combo if only a biscuit is included.

    • FF says:

      Well they aren’t calling it a combo. At the same time, the leg wing and thigh is not a 3 of a kind either.

      But it’s KFC, so does anybody really care?

      • L to the S says:

        It’s…Popeyes, man.

      • GG says:

        You have a problem with reading comprehension, don’t you?

      • HawkEyeTS says:

        Calling Popeyes KFC is borderline heresy. The worst food I’ve ever had from Popeyes was not as low quality as food I see out of KFC at most locations. I have found a single KFC near work that is busy enough that the food is “good” on a regular basis. Every Popeyes I have ever been to has been at that level of quality or better, despite looking abandoned half the time. Popeyes’ specials are also almost entirely flavor based rather than some crazy gimmick using meat glue to hold chunks of chicken together. The two really don’t even compare in quality these days.

    • MP says:

      Mine offers a constant coupon of 5 tenders for $4.99.

      • MP says:

        An even better coupon deal: 10 tenders for $8.99. Leftovers go to the freezer & make excellent sandwiches.

  3. JF says:

    I thought the 3 piece chicken tenders was $3.99 normally and included a biscuit. I also noticed the Popeye’s near me also offers this in a combo (small side and small drink) for $4.99. YMMV.

  4. […] but they’ve built up a nice variety of pies over the last year or so.  There’s the Southern Peach Pie, the Strawberry ‘n Cream Cheese Pie, the Blackberry ‘n Cream Cheese Pie, and now the […]

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