New Mountain Dew Kickstart Available Everywhere Starting Today

The latest beverage from Mountain Dew goes nationwide today and it’s called Kickstart.  Available in Orange Citrus and Fruit Punch.  Each 16-oz can is 80 calories and is aimed at the morning energy drink market.  Mountain Dew KickstartWith my recent addiction to coffee, I’m having trouble identifying how much of an impact Kickstart is having on my daily routine.  Everyone will react differently, but a can will give you more caffeine than regular Mountain Dew so that’s something.  92 milligrams of caffeine to be more specific.  The Orange Citrus tastes like what you’d probably expect.   It’s a flatter Orange Crush without the feeling of artificial flavors glued to your tongue afterwards.   Lighter carbonation  Hey 5% real fruit juice!  That’s not much of a sell for me.  Taking it straight from the can is how I’d normally approach an energy drink for fear the color will resemble window washer fluid.  The light orange color to Orange Citrus Kickstart didn’t scare me too much.  Have you tried Mountain Dew Kickstart?  What do you think?Mountain Dew Kickstart New

6 comments on “New Mountain Dew Kickstart Available Everywhere Starting Today

  1. Alex says:

    Ever since I dropped pop as a way of losing weight, I find myself pretty much never drinking it… I find it way too sweet now. If I do drink anything other than water, it’s a microbrew.

    With that nonsense said, this could be tasty.

  2. Chris W says:

    Bought some of the orange this morning. Very underwhelming. Strong artificial sweetener taste.

  3. HotDog says:

    I tried Kick Start. Tastes GRRRRRRRREAT! Had the unintended consequence of bringing a Kick Start to my dormant loins. Yowza! Talk about an aphrodisiac…

  4. BK says:

    I bought both last night. I tried the orange one today and after a few sips, I dumped it in the sink. It has a nice citrus flavor at first, but then the artificial sugaring kicks in and it’s garbage.

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