Guess the Grub: You All Are Too Good At This

Zoomed Guess the GrubUPDATE: Will gets the bragging rights with comment #20.  Culver’s Wisconsin Cheese Curds was the answer.  Thanks for playing Guess the Grub.  Here’s the delicious zoomed out image:Culver's Cheese Curds

28 comments on “Guess the Grub: You All Are Too Good At This

  1. ratbuddy says:

    Cheesy Tot from Burger King?

  2. Richard says:

    Arby’s Mozzarella sticks???

  3. Roger says:

    KFC Original Recipe Bites

  4. SmoledMan says:

    Popeye’s beer battered fish?

  5. Jake says:

    Looks like a churro. Who knows from where.

  6. Chris says:

    Burger King – Cheesy Tots?

  7. Klee says:

    Mozzarella stick

  8. David says:

    Looks like Burger King Cheesy Tots to me

  9. Mindjimbas says:

    BK cheesetot

  10. Jarred says:

    Burger King cheesy tots?

  11. TBT says:

    Those there are BK Cheesy Tots

  12. Seth says:

    Burger King Cheesy Tots?

  13. Raposin says:


  14. Jennifer says:

    Cheesy Tots from BK

  15. Ric says:

    Came here to post my answer, it was between BK Cheesy Tots and Arby’s Mozzerella Sticks and those were the first 2 answers.

  16. Isis says:

    cheesy tots from BK

  17. Manavee says:

    I don’t know what it is, but I think I can make out the distinct face of Jesus. I hope you didn’t eat that thing.

  18. Michael says:

    Sonic tots

  19. George says:

    Del Taco Mac and Cheese Bites?

  20. Will says:

    Culver’s Cheesecurds

  21. JF says:

    A&W (or Culver’s) Cheese Curds.

    BK’s Cheesy Tots seem to be the popular answer, and originally I thought it was a Mozarella Stick. But figured I go in a different direction.

  22. Jeff D. says:

    It looks like A&W Cheese Curds to me.

  23. Evan says:

    Burger King chicking nuggets

  24. Todd says:

    captain D’s two piece fish dinner!

  25. Rhonda says:

    Glazed buttermilk doughnut?

  26. Carla says:

    In N Out onion rings!

  27. shannon says:

    bk cheesy tots for sure

  28. HotToddy23 says:

    Definitely a cheesy tot

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