Old Dairy Queen Commercial: What $1.99 Gets You in 1986

Casey Kasem, aka Shaggy, with the voiceover

8 comments on “Old Dairy Queen Commercial: What $1.99 Gets You in 1986

  1. Alex K. says:

    equivalent to $4.15 today

  2. Mike N. says:

    A $1.99 was all the money you had left after buying that jar of Dippity-Do!

  3. Athena says:

    Yeah. Prices aren’t too much higher. Minimum wage was $3.35. So it took 0.5940 hours of work to buy that $1.99 combo. Now, you can get a burger for $1, fries for $1, soda for $1.50, and a sundae for $1.50 which is $5.00. So it takes 0.6897 hours of work for the same thing at $7.25 minimum wage. So like, what? 36 minutes and 41 minutes respectively.

    • stevenp says:

      Yeah, but that burger was better than the $1 crapburger from McDs. (The 2 pickle slices would cover the entire McD dogburger.) And DQ ice cream >>> McD’s.

  4. rightclue says:

    oh the memories…

    but of course, inflation has kicked up the prices.. but wage have gone up as well… though not commensurate to the inflation…

    nonetheless… oh the tasty memories…

  5. Lancaster says:

    Anyone remember DQ’s pork tenderloin sandwiches? I haven’t seen those on their menu since the early ’90s… I seem to recall those (and the rest of their sandwich/burger/etc. fare) coming in wonderful *foil* wrappers.

    At least they’ve kept the burgers and chicken sandwiches, though I’m sure the recipes have changed with time…

    • Kevin says:

      The DQ in downtown Chicago actually serves pork tenderloin sandwiches. It’s in a section of the menu that’s apparently for “local” items, including BBQ sandwich.

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