1985 Hardee’s Commercial: When Roast Beef Reigned

10 comments on “1985 Hardee’s Commercial: When Roast Beef Reigned

  1. nick says:

    wow that’s terrible.

    • Raiders757 says:

      Yet as bad as it is, it’s still much better than the gruffy voiced narrated slurp and slop fests they shove down out throats these days.

      I remember the silly Road Runner Racing Team adds they ran when I was a kid. I even had the hot wheels die casts you could get at your local Hardee’s


  2. Daveo says:

    I remember that, and the hot ham and cheeses. My local one had 2 for Tuesdays.

  3. Marie says:

    Oh wow…I do remember Hardees’ Big Roast Beef sandwich when I was a kid…my parents used to take us their for lunch on road trips specifically for their roast beef sandwiches. They were just as good or even better than Arby’s roast beef sandwiches. I also miss their old french fries…they were simple no-frills fries that were great piping hot.

  4. Kendall says:

    Mmmm…I miss the Big Roast Beef as well. Also, they used to sell “Big Cookies” and if you asked them to, they’d nuke it for ya, so you had a nice, warm cookie. Damn, I want one right now.

    • Marie says:

      I remember those cookies, too – really good when they heated them up! Plus for a few years they had a delicious chocolate vanilla frozen yogurt twist cone that tasted like ice cream but was very low in fat. YUM!!! Missing those! Bring back the old fries, too – they were kind of on the soft side but I loved them that way!!

      • Kendall says:

        Glad I’m not the only one who like soft fries! We’re the crazy minority!

        • Marie says:

          Also miss Wendy’s french fries…they were sometimes on the soft side, and I do not like the “natural cut” fries with the skin on them now. I have pretty much given up on buying french fries out now altogether, except for a rare boardwalk type soft fries with malt vinegar.

  5. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    In Wisconsin, Hardee’s still sells the Big Roast Beef, Big Hot Ham ‘n’ Cheese, regular roast beef, and regular hot ham ‘n’ cheese.

    Regular hot ham ‘n’ cheese, regular roast beef, and big twins are 2-for-$3.33 or something like that

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