The Impulsive Buy eBook Giveaway Winners

Thanks for the participation on our hosted giveaway for The Impulsive Buy.  The 3 winners will receive The Impulsive Buy’s new eBook and one of the three will also receive a $25.00 McDonald’s gift card.  Here are the selected winners:

  • Eric #31 – The Impulsive Buy eBook + $25.00 McDonald’s Gift Card winner
  • JadeTora #97 – The Impulsive Buy eBook winner
  • Jessie R #126 – The Impulsive Buy  eBook winner
Winners please email me (GrubGrade at Gmail dot com).  Eric please include your mailing address for your gift card.  Thanks everyone.

One comment on “The Impulsive Buy eBook Giveaway Winners

  1. MP says:

    Congrats to the winners!

    I didn’t bother entering because I would have no use for the $25 gift card & let somebody else who really wants it win.

    Though if I had a time machine & could go back to the mid-1980s or earlier, that would be a different story. Something definitely changed at McDonald’s in the 1980s & I barely remember how it used to be. The earliest proof I have of eating at McDonald’s was in 1984 when they had a Cubs or White Sox mesh baseball cap giveway, which I chose the Sox cap.

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